Yeh Jhuki Si Nazar 8th April 2022 Written Update


Yeh Jhuki Si Nazar

In the latest episode of the show, we have seen some important developments. In this episode, we have seen Dia reacting to Armaan’s scolding. We also got to see her parents’ request to attend the commitment function of their daughter. It was interesting to watch how she consoles her father after his wife’s commitment. This episode also focuses on the relationship between Dia and her parents.

Dia’s reaction to Armaan’s scolding

A glimpse into the future of the show reveals Dia’s feelings for Armaan. She says she would like to beat Arjun, but Armaan assures her that he has already done it. He shows her his scuffed knuckles. Dia praises him for his courage, but he tells her that it is not possible. He suggests that she enjoy life on her own and engage in different things.

Dia’s reaction to Arjun’s ploy

In this episode, we see Dia’s reaction to Arjun’s plan to win her over. While the marriage between the two men has been a success, Dia is still in emotional turmoil over her decision to marry an older man. When Armaan shows her a picture of his bloodied knuckles, Dia tries to justify her actions. Armaan’s selflessness and kindness help to boost Dia’s confidence.

Dia’s parents’ request for the commitment function

The wedding scene in the Yeh Jihuki Jhuki Si Nazer 8th April 2022 episode begins with Dia’s parents asking for a commitment ceremony. Dia goes towards her family to support them. Dia’s father expresses concern for her quick decision. Dia reassures him that she will satisfy their wishes soon. She and Armaan decide to tie the knot on the next day.

Dia’s father consoles his wife

Dia’s mother tries to convince Dia to meet this guy, but she is adamant that she will not. Dia’s father arrives and consoles her, telling her that the man will never force her to meet him. However, Dia’s mother is hesitant, as she does not want any more rejection.

Dia’s anger at Armaan’s words

The eighth episode of the popular television show Yeh Jhuki Jhukki Si Nazar is set to premiere on 4 April. It has already enticed viewers with eerie moments. Nimmi, who is engaged to Armaan, tells her family that she is getting married. However, Dia denies getting married to Armaan and goes to Nimmi’s home to tell her family about her new relationship with Armaan. The family is shocked and Palki tries to save her.

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