Yeh Jhuki Si Nazar 11th April 2022 Written Update


Yeh Jhuki Si Nazar

The eighth episode of Yeh Jhuki Ji Baaraat has already enticed the viewers with its dark scenes. Dia is engaged to Armaan, but she denies it. She tries to save Nimmi, but her family is shocked when she comes to tell them about her new relationship. However, Dia’s eerie plan fails. Now, she must face the family’s reactions to save Nimmi.

Dia’s reaction to Armaan’s plan to win her over

While she’s busy helping Palki, Dia is also trying to convince Armaan to go out with her. But, Dia keeps ignoring him, and he is worried about her. One day, he decides to make up for it by calling Dia and asking her to marry him. But, Dia is not in the mood for the conversation. Armaan has to wait for Dia, and she is upset with him.

Dia’s relationship with Nimmi

The eleventh episode of Yeh Jhuki Ji Bahu Thi continues with the two friends preparing to get married. Nimmi’s parents are shocked when they find out that their daughter is dating someone else. They are worried about the girl’s future, but Palki is determined to stop Nimmi from getting married. Despite Nimmi’s protestations, she poses to Palki and starts getting ready to get married.

Armaan’s selfless kindness

The series Yeh Jhuki Jee Nazar revolves around a dark-complexioned girl named Dia. The show is an inspirational one and conveys a beautiful message. Humans are vulnerable and deal with the same emotions as Dia. Dia, whose mother is a strict woman, becomes a mother figure to other women and ultimately becomes a role model for girls.

Dia’s refusal to exchange rings

This episode of Yeh Jhuki Jigsaw saw two different twists and turns that made the viewers eagerly wait for the next episode. The first twist happened when Dia gave Armaan an insulin box. But later, she refused to attend the dinner with her parents and her sisters. This makes Anju and Amit suspicious about her behavior, but ultimately, they agree.

Arjun’s plan to win her over

Arjun had planned to win Dia’s heart by proposing marriage. The marriage seems to have been a success, but Dia is in turmoil over the decision. She tries to defend her choice by pointing to Armaan’s bloodied knuckles and selfless kindness. Dia wants to break up with Arjun, but he is too old to make her love him.

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