Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Weekly Update: Dia decides to sacrifice her love for Palki.


Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar Weekly Update

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Star Plus’s popular daily soap Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar is grabbing the attention of the audience. Viewers are loving the track, whereas the twists in the story is keeping them hooked to their television screens.

This week the storyline showcases Armaan trying to find out about Dia’s feelings. He confronts her and questions them about loving him, but she denies it and reminds him about Palki. She suppresses her feelings for him to give Palki her share of happiness. She feels pain seeing Armaan’s condition, but stays adamant about her decision. She determines to sacrifice her love for Palki.

Here, Armaan challenges Dia to find out about her real feelings and goes away from there. Whereas, Bhavna and Sudha shower Palki with several presents for her birthday. Anju gets shocked seeing all the expensive gifts, while Palki replies that they didn’t even let her pay for them.

Dia also comes there with her gift for Palki and then realizes it to be the same as one of Rastogi’s gifts. Dia decides to exchange it, but Palki denies stating that she will keep Dia’s one and will give Rastogis one to someone else. They both hugs each other showing their love, while her parents smile seeing their bond.

Elsewhere, Dia bakes a cake to surprise Palki on her birthday. She along with her parents goes inside Palki’s room in the middle of the night and wishes her a birthday. Palki shows her gratitude and enjoys her family. At that time she gets Krish’s call to wish her while she gets disheartened as Armaan doesn’t wish her.

Dia plans a surprise party to cheer Palki and invites all the close ones. She takes her parents to help in arranging the party. Whereas, Armaan shares his feelings with Krish and decides to write a letter to Dia to express his feelings. But, Bhavna hears about it and notifies Sudha regarding it.

Ahead, Bhavna shows her worry while Sudha makes a plan to handle the situation. Armaan recalls all his moments with Dia and pens it down on the letter. They attend the party while he tries to give the letter to her but becomes unsuccessful as she was busy. He takes the help of a kid to give it to Dia, but Bhavna swaps the letter with hers.

Dia surprises Palki along with all the guests, while Sudha forces Armaan to give the gift to Palki, and the latter gets excited. Meanwhile, Dia reads the letter and gets shocked seeing it to be inappropriate. She tears it in anger while he gets dumbstruck seeing her action. She goes out and starts bearing a man, while he was about to revert when Armaan protects her.

Further, Dia insults Armaan’s feelings and asks him to leave her. She then locks herself being heartbroken, but then hides her pain and attends Palki’s birthday party. Sudha and Bhavna celebrate their success, but the latter gets worried for Armaan and takes him to their house with the help of Krish. Armaan gets furious and starts breaking things to remove his pain.

Krish and Bhavna get shocked seeing his behavior, while he mistakenly injured Bhavna and then apologizes to her by treating her wounds. Whereas, she makes him convince to marry Palki and then announces it at his birthday party of Palki. Everyone gets excited and starts preparing for the marriage.

Later, Dia assures Anju not to worry and handles all the work, while Palki shares her feelings about Armaan with her sisters. Whereas, Jhanvi finds the original letter of Armaan’s feelings for Dia and gets shocked. She burns it to protect Palki’s happiness.

Sudha and Bhavna get into an argument and blame one another for playing against Dia. Whereas, Sudha warns Bhavna from speaking against her. Meanwhile, Armaan invites Mathurs to his house for the selection of jewelry. Palki gets excited seeing Armaan’s room and dreams about staying there, but she suddenly gets shocked seeing Dia’s photo in his cupboard, while the latter shows her the full photograph which included Palki’s picture also.

Dia helps Palki to get ready for her engagement and goes to fix one of her jewelry. Whereas, Bhavna plans to reveal Sudha’s truth in front of Armaan and wanted makes Nimmi confess their ploy in front of Armaan. He gets shocked and confronts Sudha about it. He gets furious at her, whereas Palki tells him about Dia being stuck in between the protesters and asks for his helo.

Here, Armaan rushes to save Dia and confesses his love for her in front of their family, making them shocked. Dia gets emotional towards him and was about to reciprocate him, but then stops herself after seeing Palki’s reaction. She lies to Armaan that she doesn’t have feelings for him, while he determines to make her confess the truth.

Dia tries to explain to her family that she doesn’t love Armaan but Palki gets hurt and says that he loves her. Jhanvi also blames Dia for hurting Palki, while the latter says that she can do anything to prove her truth. Meanwhile, Sudha scolds Armaan for his behavior while he reminds her about her deeds. He cancels his wedding with Palki and says will marry only Dia. He also tells that she also has feelings for him, but sacrifices it for her family.

Ahead, Palki hears the conversation between her parents as they get worried about her and Dia’s bond. She cries whereas Dia assures her that no one can change their love for each other. Meanwhile, Armaan and Dia remember each other and smile. She thanks him for supporting her always, while he says that he understands her sacrifice.

Now in the upcoming episode, Sudha will bring the proposal of Armaan for Dia, while the latter will agree to marry him. Sudha will tell that the Haldi touched by Armaan will go to Dia’s house for the ceremony. Whereas, Bhavna will smirk and applied the spiked Haldi on Dia, which started burning her feet. Dia will scream in pain and her family takes her to the hospital, while Palki will notify about it to Armaan. A lot more drama and twists to come in Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar, don’t miss watching the show. Stay tuned with us for more Spoiler, information, and written updates on your favorite shows.


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