Yeh Hai Chahatein (YHC): Gossip! Revati Doubts CCTV Footage’s Authenticity!


Yeh Hai Chahatein

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In the coming novel of the Yeh Ha Chahatein serial Revati’s suspicions are getting more accurate with her growing concern.

As of the Yeh H Chahatein story, Sharda has discovered the news of Dev’s death , and is eager to assist Preesha as well as Rudraksh in the process of disposing of the deceased body.

According to the gossip from the YHC serial the principal is expected to come to Revati and hand her the bracelet of Dev, stating that the bracelet was found on the campus of the school.

Revati will think further and arrive at the conclusion that they have seen of the annual celebration was altered.

Principal Revati will confirm her suspicions regarding relatives of the Khurana family by confirming to the fact that Rudraksh is the one who put up the cameras.

In future episodes we’ll see Revati looking for clues to prove that the Khurana family is involved in something to do with the disappearance of Dev.

Let’s check if Revati’s efforts bring her closer to the truth, or yet again prove futile to the Khurana family’s clever minds.

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