Woh To Hai Albelaa Weekly Update: Saroj accept Sayuri.


Woh To Hai Albelaa Weekly Update

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This week we saw that Saroj comes to Kanha and asks him to take care of Chiru. Kanha further recalls that Chiru always used to wake up early but today it is 11 in the morning and he has not woken up yet. He goes to Chiru and wakes him up. Chiru hugs him. Nakul comes there and gives juice to Chiru. Here Sayuri sees that Indu is searching for a home. She tells her that there is no need for her to do all this as they are not going to leave. While Chiru tells Kanha that he will die without Sayuri.

Saroj is preparing breakfast for Chiru. Kusum comes to her and asks if Sayuri will leave Chiru. Saroj says that she should not take Sayuri’s name in front of her. She adds that Sayuri has trapped her son and she will not leave her. Then Chiru comes there. Saroj gives him breakfast but he refuses to eat breakfast. Dadaji scolds Saroj. While Kanha is worried for Chiru.

Later Saroj learns that Chiru has not reached the office. She thinks that Chiru had left the house long back then why didn’t he reach the office. She feels that Chiru must have gone to meet Sayuri. Saroj asks Kusum to find out what Sayuri is doing. Here Sayuri gets shocked seeing Chiru’s condition. She pulls him out of the car and asks him where was his attention. Chiru says that it would have been better if he got injured as it would have at least calmed his mind. Sayuri gets sad hearing this.

Later Kanha and Saroj see that Chiru is coming home with Sayuri. Kanha goes to Chiru and Sayuri and asks what happened. Sayuri says that Chiru had an accident. She asks Kanha to take care of him. Kanha further tells Saroj that they should accept Sayuri for Chiru’s happiness. Saroj refuses. Anjali asks Kanha to take care of Chiru. He goes to Chiru’s room. Nakul tells him that Chiru’s condition is not well. Kanha tells Chiru that he can do anything for his happiness and he will make everything right.

Then Kanha calls Sayuri and Chiru to the temple. Kanha asks Chiru to get married. Chiru refuses. Here Saroj thinks that there is something wrong going on in this house. She calls the college and says that she wants to talk to Sayuri Sharma. The college principal tells her that Sayuri left 1 hour ago. Saroj feels that Sayuri is with Chiru. On the other hand, Dhanraj comes to Saroj and asks her if she is going to Indu’s house. He gives her an aarti plate.

He says that he should take aarti’s plate to Indu’s house as she has become her samdhan now. He adds that Chiru and Sayuri are getting married in the temple. Saroj gets shocked hearing this. Kanha comes to Saroj and says that he hid the truth from her earlier but now he wants to tell her everything. He asks her to light a lamp by giving her a thali of aarti. Saroj throws that plate. She says that she won’t accept this marriage. Kanha tells her that they didn’t get married and she should accept their love.

Indu tells Saroj that she never wanted Sayuri to get married in this house but no one can understand Krishna’s Leela. She says that maybe even God wants this wall of hatred to fall. She goes to Sayuri and Chiru and blesses them. Tej tells Saroj that she should also accept Chiru and Sayuri or else everything will go out of her hands.

Saroj goes to Chiru and takes off her bangle and gives it to Chiru. She says that they say a lot of things to her but she has nothing to say. She adds that the son’s love can be divided but a mother’s love can never be divided so she can do anything for his happiness. She says that her life resides in Chiru but Chiru’s life resides in someone else. SHe used to know that one day it would happen but she did not know that he would like the girl she did not like.

She gets emotional and says that if Chiru cannot leave Sayuri’s hand then she has to do something for his happiness. She says that this bracelet of Shagun is for Sayuri by her side. Chiru and Sayuri seek Saroj’s blessings. Sayuri thinks that she knows all this will be very difficult for Saroj but she is ready to accept it, that is enough for her. Saroj further says that Sayuri can become the daughter-in-law of the Chaudhary family but not hers.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kanha will come to Saroj. He will try to talk to her. Saroj will get angry. She will start beating him. Kanha will say that he can do anything for Chiru and is ready to bear her anger too.

What will happen now? Will Saroj accept Sayuri?


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