Will JC Staff A release certain Magical Index Season 4 or not?


Is it possible to watch season 4 of magic index after the release of 3 magic index seasons? Either “Yes” or “No”, we’re going to reveal everything related to A Certain Magical Index Season 4.

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A novel-based action anime TV series “A Certain Magical Index” also credited as “Toaru Majutsu no Indekkusu” in Japanese.

One particular magic index was written by Kazuma Karachi and illustrated by Kiyotaka Haimaru.

The series began publishing on April 10, 2004 and ended on October 10, 2010. In between these publications, JC Staff, the Japanese animation studio, decided to turn these publications into a television series under the same name.

Will JC Staff A release certain Magical Index Season 4 or not?

In what order should one look at a particular magic index?

  • A certain magic index
  • A certain scientific Railgun
  • A Certain Magic Index II
  • A certain scientific Railgun S
  • A Certain Magical Index: The Movie – The Miracle of Endymion
  • A certain scientific accelerator
  • A certain magic index III
  • A certain scientific Railgun T

Is a certain magic index worth checking out?

One is worth watching until the second season. It loses interest in the third season and gets a bit out of context.

Background of the show:-

The first season was released on October 5, 2008. The second season was released on October 8, 2010. After the success of these two seasons, the fans asked for more.

So JC Staff released A Certain Magical Index Movie for the fans. The third season was released on October 5, 2018.

After the success of all the movies and seasons, it can be interpreted that there might be a season 4 for the fans to love.

All About a Certain Magic Index Season 4:

This anime tells about the Academy City, which is way ahead in technology and has children with extraordinary psychic abilities.

Among the students is a student named Touma Kamijou who stars in the series who has the lowest psychic abilities but can copy the supernatural abilities of others.

As it turns out, he has no interest in the world or in his abilities. But one day, his life changes completely when he meets a strange girl named Index Librorum Prohibitorum.

Index has memorized and searched all forbidden magic lectures by an organization that wants to hire the most dangerous psychic abilities.

Touma meets her and makes her his friend and he feels that he must help the girl. This gives him a sense of responsibility and purpose.

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Season II and III are the continuation of the story, but the plot is the same. The story of Touma and Index battling the organization where they turn out to be bigger and bigger with each battle leading to the destruction of humanity in the show.

Release Date For A Certain Magic Index Season 4:

The makers have not given a release date for A Certain Magical Index season 4.

They have not confirmed that the next season of the show will be available or not for fans to watch.

There was a long gap between the series’ second and third seasons, so fans shouldn’t worry, even if the creators haven’t confirmed the next season yet. It can be released or not.

(Expected cast) a certain magic index Season 4:

A certain magic index has many characters, but they are two main characters in this show. As indicated below, we will introduce each of them briefly.

  • Table of contents :- She stars in the show and her full name is Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Index is very unique and she has in her memory the contents of 1.03,000 books and magical manuscripts which are extremely dangerous to read and can destroy a human mind.
  • Touma Kamijou :- He stars in the show and Touma has the lowest possible power level and he is a high school academy city student. Although he wants to live his life as a normal teenager and without any problems. if he finds himself caught up in the conflict, Touma has a bad fantasy to kill his own psychic, magical or divine abilities.

Other expected cast to be shown in season 1,2 and 3 are:-

  • Rina Sato as Mikoto Misaka.
  • Nobuhiko Okamoto as accelerator.
  • Satomi Arai as Kuroko Shirai.
  • Shizuka Ito as Kaori Kanzaki.
  • Anri Katsu as Motoharu Tsuchimikado.

Audience Reviews:

Season 1 of A Certain Magical Index introduces us to a fascinating world of science, magic and esper powers. It’s packed with humor, action, fun characters, dark themes and cool ideas!

The second season continues this trend and, while suffering from some overused jokes, it develops the world and characters further in very interesting ways.- crunchy rolls

Quite a good show with a nice protagonist and a good world building.- imdb

I enjoyed season 2 of A Certain Magical Index, but it didn’t have the same appeal as the first season. Index is less annoying though.

Fortunately, Index and Touma are joined by a well-known cast. The backstories that these interesting characters are woven into are necessary, paced and beautifully animated- Geeknative.com


A certain magic index completed its 3 seasons, which became hugely popular with the fans.

Here we don’t know exactly when season 4 will be released, but users liked this too much. But from now on you can watch other Japanese mangas.

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