Where was Sweet Girl filmed? Netflix Movie Locations


The Netflix action-drama film ‘Sweet Girl’ is the directorial debut of filmmaker Brian Andrew Mendoza. It tells the story of a grieving husband, Ray Copper (Jason Momoa), who violently takes revenge on the drug company he blames for his wife’s death. But his actions soon have dangerous consequences for him and his daughter Rachel (Isabela Merced). The film is mainly set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Steel City is an active part of the story. If you’re wondering if the movie was shot on location or elsewhere, here’s what you need to know.

Movie locations for sweet girl

Mendoza, his Director of Photography Barry Ackroyd, and the rest of the cast and crew shot the film in and around Pittsburgh and other Pennsylvania locations between November 11, 2019 and February 11, 2020. Now let’s take a closer look at specific locations.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

According to Brian Andrew Mendoza, the script was initially set in New York City, New York. However, during the scouting process, he decided not only to shoot the film in Pittsburgh, but also to make the city the setting for the film. “There is a story in Pittsburgh,” he told a local news outlet. “You can feel it on the walls, on the buildings, in the streets. I loved the fact that as soon as I explored Pittsburgh, I knew this was the city to tell this story because our character was a working-class character. I like the corners that the city has, the downtown, the suburbs. It really is a movie town.”

In the early days of filming, the crew shot an action-packed sequence for a week at PNC Park, the famous baseball stadium at 115 Federal Street. In the series, Ray Cooper climbs the heights of the ballpark in his efforts to evade authorities. Mendoza revealed that more than 1,000 extras, 80 cars and a helicopter were used to film part of the sequence on the Roberto Clemente Bridge. They also had to temporarily close the stadium.

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Although these scenes were shot on location using hands-on effects, the filmmakers used CGI to depict Ray’s jump into the Allegheny River, which is also part of the sequence. Because Ray’s wife was terminally ill, several scenes in the film were shot in a hospital. Some of them were shot at Bellevue Suburban Hospital, located at 100 S Jackson Avenue. Momoa, Merced, Mendoza and other cast and crew members shared photos from the set and elsewhere in town on their respective social media accounts. Some of the other projects also shot in the City of Bridges include “The Dark Knight Rises,” “The Silence of the Lambs,” and “Pretty Woman.”

Other Locations in Pennsylvania

Some scenes from the film were shot in early December 2019 at the Ambridge Do It Best Home Center, located at 500 Ohio River Boulevard, Ambridge, a borough in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Boulevard Automotive Center in Big Beaver also served as a filming location for “Sweet Girl.”

Locals who thought they might get a glimpse of Momoa were disappointed because the “Aquaman” star was busy filming other scenes at the time at a bodyshop in Ohio Township, outside Sewickley. Over the years, Ambridge has built a mutually beneficial relationship with Netflix. Recordings were also made for ‘Mindhunter’ in the area.

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