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What If is an upcoming Marvel Studio animated series that focuses on a different version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The series takes some of the pivotal moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and changes them. These pivotal changes provide new storylines and continue to evolve. This picks up the main points of incidents and creates more plot and more interpretations for the reader to enjoy. What if…? will be a must for all MCU fans!

The stories of the series are told by an omniscient speaker who explains the multiverse as a prism of endless possibilities. Ever-evolving stories continue until the end of time. This series explores alternate realities of potential possibilities.

Since Marvel is here again to gift another cool series to impress their fans, we’ve got this article to update you all so you know what to expect from this new venture.

Storyline from What if…?

The series does not revolve around one linear plot or storyline. If anything, rather. consciously avoid that. The series retells stories of Marvel heroes and does not follow the original version. The characters remain the same, but their roles have changed. So are their stories.

What if be answered?

Marvel has been here with us. They not only presented stories and comics, but made us think about their universe. It has been a long time since we stopped being readers/viewers and became participants. We are aligned with their reality and timeline. We’ve wondered so many times about the endless possibilities of the incidents taking place in Marvel’s Universe.

This aptly named series tries to answer all sorts of things that could have happened. Interestingly, those possibilities are a reality on this show.

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The new stories in What if…?

zombie captain america from what if...?
What if…? Zombie Captain America Footage Leaked!

As mentioned, the series focuses on a new version of the MCU. For example, we often wondered what would happen if Loki Mjolnir wielded instead of Thor? What if instead of Steve Rogers, Peggy Carter was the super soldier? What if Black Panther was Star-Lord and fought the aliens?

These are some of the possibilities explored in the series.

Peggy Carter as Captain America

In this series, the Vibranium Shield shines in the hands of Peggy Carter. The idea of ​​the first super soldier as a woman breaks through gender bias and furthers the fact that being a hero has nothing to do with one’s gender identity.

Black Panther is Star Lord

presentation of the characters of what if...?
Featuring the cast of Marvel from What if…?

The Black Panther Actor Chadwick Bossman is no longer with us. But before his death, he came in multiple times and took on his roles for the Marvel stories. We get to see an animated Black Panther, with Bossman as the voice artist. It reminds us how much we miss him.

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The Strange Story of Stephen Strange

Another possibility that has taken fans by storm is the question: What if Stephen Strange met an even stranger fate? What if he turned out to be bad? What if Dormammu had caught up with his soul?

Tony Stark lands on a new planet

with Iron Man and Captain Marvel
Marvel promised Disney+ episodes of What if…? will feel the same as original MCU movies!

This version has been partially confirmed by Jeff Goldbaum himself. It is said that Tony Stark will not return to Earth in the first part of the Avengers movie. What if Stark had landed on another planet and had a Ragnarok-esque battle?

The Watcher in What if…?

The series is told from a third perspective. An omniscient narrator recounts the various incidents that take place in the multiverse. The narrator himself is from another planet. He is the one who sees everything, but is never allowed to interfere. He is introduced to us as Utah.

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Why Marvel chose animated series

Animated series are a popular choice when it comes to the stories of a vast universe. Marvel’s Universe is huge. There are always a large number of characters and incidents and the stories keep branching out. It is almost impossible to spend the necessary time making these ventures into film forms. Animated series make it much easier to follow this storyline in the future.

what if is Marvel’s first attempt at making animated series. Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios VP has said that this is just the beginning of many more animated adventures to come. Initially, 30 items were selected from the critical incidents list and 10 items were selected.

Many main characters are voiced by different actors. Some of the actors who played the original roles will be re-recorded via voiceover.

Availability of What if…?

The series can be seen on Disney+.

Release date of What if…?

The series will be released on August 20, 2021.


What if…? simply composes another new universe with alternating roles, realities and timelines. Fans have formed multiple theories about how the different stories might play out. In a way, this series is a tribute to those loyal Marvel fans and supporters who have become the most integral part of their movie universe.

How many of these theories have you predicted? What do you think of this new series? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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