Watch India’s Most Sansanikhej Kahani 16th April 2022 Written Update


India's Most Sansanikhej Kahani

The Colors channel has recently launched a new crime series, “Indias Most Sansanikhej Kahniyaan”. It will be hosted by Ronit Bose Roy and will be broadcast for 65 episodes. The series will cover a variety of crimes, including honour killings, crimes of passion, sexual harassment, and modern crimes.

Pandya Store

The sixteenth episode of Pandya Store Indias Most Sananikhej Kahani begins with Raavi pretending to be bitten by a snake and Shiva carrying her to his room. Meanwhile, Rishita cannot sleep with Dev as Suman snores loudly, so he suggests that she sleeps in the kitchen with Gomby. Meanwhile, Dhara wakes up with Gomby and prepares for Bhadaara.


Watch India’s Most Sansanikhez Kahani in HD. This crime docudrama is hosted by Ronit Roy and created by Optymistixmedia. It is an interesting show that covers dangerous crime cases. The show highlights serious issues that people face in India. This 16th April 2022 Written Update provides a look into the plot of this Hindi serial.

Naagin 6

The upcoming episode of Naagin 6 is all set to deliver high-voltage drama. The show’s character Pratha will learn more about her previous life near the Nilgiris, and the fateful day when she became Shesh Naagin. Pratha’s life was once normal, until Lord Shiva chose her. Now, Pratha is an ancient warrior, and Rishabh is eager to discover everything about her past.


The Fateh Sansanikhej Kalani 16th April 2022 Written Update will begin with Jasmine walking into Fateh’s room and asking him for the letter. Fateh goes to get his mobile and comes back before Jasmine gets the letter. Fateh thanks Jasmine for trying to win back his trust and suggests keeping distance from the past. However, Khushbeer realizes that Fateh hasn’t even read the letter and runs away. Meanwhile, Gurpreet reaches the house and sees a newspaper article about Swaran. Nimmo prevents Kiran from telling Gurpreet about Swaran.


In this episode of Tejo, India’s Most Sansenikhej Kahani, Fateh tries to lure Tejo away from Rupy. However, Tejo succeeds in doing so. After he convinces Rupy to forgive him, Fateh leaves the scene. Meanwhile, Fateh tells Tejo that he is giving Rupy one last chance.

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