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Vinodhaya Sitham

– Review

 ‘Vinodhaya Sitham’ is the story of Thambi Ramaiah who is a well-disciplined man. He is someone who expects everyone to follow what he says. He feels superior at his work place and also reflects the same at home. 

Unfortunately, one day he dies in a gory accident. After his death he meets Time (Samuthirakani) and asks him to give some more time to fulfill his duties. 

Samuthirakani also agrees. What happens during these 90 days forms the rest of the story.

Unlike his previous outings, director Samuthirakani has ensured that the movie is not preachy or over the top.  Even the messages that are delivered in the movie are organic. 

The film does not deviate from its core premise anywhere. Though the screenplay is predictable after a point, it is still enjoyable. 

Thambi Ramaiah does a neat job and anchors the movie well.  Samuthirakani as Time is simple and delivers an earnest performance. Rest of the technical aspects of the movie are also adequate.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5 

By Naveen

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