Udaariyaan: Will Fateh be able to expose Angad’s truth to Tejo?



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Colors’ popular show Udaariyaan is gearing up for more drama with Jasmine getting Angad kidnapping with the help of Angad and Buzzo.

Previously it was seen that the Virks got sad after receiving Angad-Tejo’s wedding invitation. Kushbeer regretted calling off Tejo-Fateh’s engagement. Gurpreet requested Kushbeer to talk to Ruby. Kushbeer said that Ruby wouldn’t listen to him. Amrik phoned Jasmine and requested her to stop Angad and Tejo’s wedding anyhow. Jasmine told him a plan. Later Jasmine had a talk with Tejo about her decision of marrying Angad. At last, Jasmine said that Tejo’s decision was right, Fateh only gave Tejo pain, but Angad would give her happiness. Later Jasmine met Fateh and motivated him to prove to Tejo Angad’s truth and win her back.
Jasmine added that she wanted to help Fateh to do the same. Fateh hesitated to trust Jasmine. The latter clarified that she wants to help to get reentry into Virk’s house as Amrik’s wife and also for Tejo’s happiness. The next day Sandhus were preparing for Tejo’s sangeet and mehndi function. Amrik and Buzzo kidnapped Angad on his way. Meanwhile, Fateh entered Tejo’s mehndi function disguised as the mehndi designer sent by Angad to talk to Tejo and sort out the differences. Other hand Anagad learned that Jasmine got him kidnapped,

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that the mehndi designer will ask Tejo about her fiance’s name to write on her palm. Tejo will get lost in thoughts and won’t reply, so Fateh will give his name. Another hand Angad will free himself from the ties and will look on furious.

What will happen next? Will Fateh can expose Angad to Tejo and stop the wedding?

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