Udaariyaan 9th April 2022 Written Update



Watch Udaariyaan on Colors tv. It will air on 7:00 PM IST on Monday and Tuesday. Alternatively, you can watch it anytime on Voot. For more updates, stay tuned to TheGossWorld.com. In this article, we’ll discuss Jasmin’s decision to work with Fateh, Tejo’s jealousy, Angad’s revelation, and other important developments.

Jasmin’s decision to work with Fateh

The 9th April 2022 episode of the popular television serial will see Jasmin’s decision to work with Tejo and Khushbeer. Tejo has given Jasmin money for a while, but she is angry when she sees the same ring on her hand. As Tejo starts chasing after her, Jasmin asks him to wait.

Jasmin’s decision to work with Tejo is motivated by her desire to help Amrik. Fateh is not interested in making Jasmine leave Tejo, so he tries to sabotage his relationship with Fateh. However, he is not able to tell her the truth about Fateh and vows to stay by her side no matter what.

Fateh’s anger

After the events of ‘Udaariyaan’, the viewers will be worried about Fateh’s anger. The actor gives a fierce look to his face during his angry moments. The episode will reveal what Fateh’s decision was and what led him to be angry. The following lines will give an idea of the episode’s plot. Read on to find out more about Fateh’s anger in Udaariyaan 9th April 2022.

As we learnt in the previous episode, Fateh has mounted a tent in front of Rupi’s house to get revenge from Tejo. He apologizes to Rupi for exploiting her, but this does not prevent him from getting angry. After this incident, Rupi is furious with Fateh and tells him that he needs to speak to him firmly. This is where he does something big.

Tejo’s jealousy

Jasmin is furious with Tejo’s obsession with Fateh and vows to get rid of him forever. But Tejo refuses to listen to her. He threatens her and calls it ‘pure friendship’. The next episode will see Jasmin’s reaction. Let’s know what happened! Let’s read the latest update of the show to find out what happens next.

In this episode of Udaariyaan, Tejo asks Fateh to open the door for him so he can go in with Jasmin and Angad. However, Fateh tells him not to open the door. He takes Mahi’s help and makes her go inside. Meanwhile, Tejo apologizes to Fateh. Fateh will not forgive him though.

Angad’s revelation

Angad’s reveal in Udaariyaan 9th Apr 2022: “I knew what Jasmine wanted” – Tejo, a student, is elated after learning this new revelation! He tells Tejo that he wanted to separate Fateh and Dhara, but Jasmine had made it clear that she was going to do anything to protect Fateh. Jasmine has made a mistake, as she did not realize she was cheating on Fateh with Angad! But now, she is convinced that Fateh’s love for Angad is worth more than her life as a child.

In Udaariyaan, Tejo tells Jasmine not to go to the Virk house and asks her why she crossed the rope. Jasmine replies that she was trying to protect Amrik and Fateh, but Fateh burns her passport. Jasmine then runs away, telling Fateh that she will apologize to Amrik and Fateh, and Angad. “I’ll do whatever I can to protect Fateh and Amrik.”

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