Udaariyaan 8th April 2022 Written Update



If you are looking for the details about the upcoming episodes of the popular TV show Udaariyaan, then you have come to the right place. Here we have listed the upcoming episodes in the Udaariyaan timeline. We have also listed the important events of this show. The upcoming episodes of Udaariyaan will be broadcasted on 7th April 2022.

Episode 8

This week’s episode of Udaariyaan will focus on the relationship between Fateh and Jasmin. Tejo asks Jasmine to accept the truth or at least tolerate her. When Jasmine finds out that Tejo is seeing a new man, she is speechless. Jasmin also reveals to Fateh that she has been cheating on him. Tejo produces some papers for Jasmin, which she has to read with care. Upon reading the document, Jasmin is horrified.

Fateh gets treated in OT

The 8th April 2022 Written Update of Udaariyaan will see Fateh getting treated in hospital. Khushbeer brings Fateh there and she gets treated in OT. Everyone cries for Fateh. As Fateh tries to hide his injuries from Amrik, he is stopped by the inspector. He tells Fateh that Amrik was in the car at the time of accident and that he was driving it. Tejo also hugs everyone and tells them not to get involved in the accident. Tejo is shocked and wishes that she could help Fateh and his family.

Khushbeer forgives Fateh

A new twist has been added to the story of Khushbeer and Fateh in Udaariyaans. In the latest episode of the show, Khushbeer forgives Fateh for his behavior towards Jasmine. The two go out of each other’s homes but later, Jasmine comes back to her house. After she goes away, Rupy thinks of fateh and thinks of her. Khushbeer then tells her what had happened and she decides to forgive Fateh.

Jasmine takes Tejo’s name

The drama series “Udaariyaan” is all set to get a new twist in the storyline when Jasmine takes Tejo’s name. Tejo is in a desperate state as he has to find the person who gave her the money. He has decided to use the ring to do so. To find the owner, Tejo asks the jeweler. He knows that if he is able to catch the person, everything will get cleared up. This is also when he stops his investigation into Jasmine’s room, which only gives her doubts about Tejo.

Angad refuses to join hands with Jasmine

Angad tries to convince Tejo to accept his love and propose marriage but Tejo refuses. Angad explains his love and asks him for his rights. But Tejo isn’t sure about his obsession and does not want to make a false commitment. In the end, Tejo rejects his proposal and leaves for college.

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