Udaariyaan 13th April 2022 Written Update



This week’s episode of Udaariyaan continues with the fight between Jasmine and Tejo. We learn more about Fateh’s angry reaction and what Jasmine is trying to tell Tejo. We also find out the outcome of Jasmine’s message to Tejo. In this Udaariyaan 13th April 2022 written update, you will learn what is happening between Jasmine and Tejo.

Jasmine’s fight with Tejo

The fight between Fateh and Jasmine in the upcoming episode of the TV series “Udaariyaan” is an intense one. The fight between the two characters is a huge play between the Sandhus and the Fateh families. Fateh is determined to win, and Fateh will do anything to win his beloved Jasmine.

Fateh’s anger

Udaariyaan, a Colors TV serial, is gaining momentum and attracting viewers with its tense storylines and intense emotions. Starring Ankit Gupta, Priyanka Choudhary, and Isha Malviya, the show revolves around Fateh’s wedding and his relationship with Jasmine.

Jasmine’s message to Fateh

When Fateh gets a heartfelt message from Jasmine in the episode “Jasmine’s message to Fateh” on the thirteenth of April, he runs to her, but she is not there. Tejo and Angad try to find her, but they are not successful. Tejo calls Amrik, but he does not pick up. Tejo then tries to tell Roopi about Jasmine. Roopi, however, gets angry at the fact that Tejo is not calling her, but Satti tells him about it.

Tejo’s reaction

In the latest episode of the show, we’ll find out how Tejo reacts to the news that Angad and Fateh are in love and plan to marry. This episode begins with Fateh noticing Angad and Tejo together, and thinking that Angad will replace him. He drags Angad by the collar of his shirt and asks him why he is always with Tejo. Angad doesn’t fight back, instead, stands between them.

Fateh’s job application

The plot of the Udaariyaan thirteenth April episode continues with the angst of Jasmin and Fateh over Tejo’s involvement in their relationship. Angad, who is suspicious of Fateh’s sudden appearance, gets Tejo’s phone number from Jasmin. She tries to track Tejo down but he gets a call from Sharma. Meanwhile, Tejo tries to locate Fateh. He is perplexed by Tejo’s actions and tells her that he is helping him with his divorce case. The lawyer hired her for this purpose and she is helping him get the best case possible.

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