Udaariyaan 12th April 2022 Written Update



The 12th episode of Udaariyaan will be devoted to an important soup that is consumed every day. In this episode, Rupy will be concerned about Angad. After finding out that Angad is attractive, Tejo will ask Rupy about him. Rupy is a little disappointed to hear this news, but soon, she will see the light in him.

Fateh lashes out at Tejo

In the episode titled “A Nightmare on Wheels”, Fateh has a big outburst, blaming Tejo for the drama he’s created for Jasmin and Virks. Jasmin’s rage at Fateh’s antics makes him go after Angad, who’s in the party to save Fateh.

Jasmine’s change

The upcoming episode of Udaariyaan will be very dramatic. The episode will be set five years after the previous one. At the Lohri get-together, Jasmine is accompanied by her driver. The car is not starting and the driver informs her that she should wait for a few minutes. Meanwhile, she hears a car honking behind her back. She quickly looks around and notices an unknown car driving towards her.

Khushbeer taunts Rupy

In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, Khushbeer taunts R-upy about Angad’s education. Rupy praises Angad for his educational abilities, but Tejo is not convinced. Khushbeer adds that Angad is not so terrible, as Rupy thinks.

Amrik accepts Tejo’s plan

Jasmine is distraught over Amrik’s decision to frame Fateh. She tries to make Amrik feel guilty, but Tejo says he is not in love with her. Jasmine apologizes to Tejo, but Amrik won’t listen. Jasmine asks Tejo to promise her not to go to Virks, but Tejo is unmoved.

Fateh’s reaction to Amrik

In the previous episode, Fateh had reacted grudgingly to Amrik’s arrival. Now, he has a different reaction. He tries to persuade Khushbeer to accept him even after learning about Amrik’s import. However, Khushbeer has no such inclination. As a result, Fateh decides to let the whole drama go to end.

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