Udaariyaan 11th April 2022 Written Update



The latest episode of Udaariyaan has released its eleventh April 2022 Written Update. In this episode, Nimmu starts worrying about Fateh, Tara tries to trap Tejo and Jasmine decides to visit Veer alone. Here are some important spoilers of Udaariyaan 11th April 2022 Written Update. Read on to know more.

Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2022 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya is an ongoing Indian soap opera that has been on the air since 2011. The show has been updated with new episodes, spoilers, and promos. Here are the upcoming twists and future storylines of the show. Read on to know more about Kundali Bhagya 11th April 2022 Written Update! In this episode, Preeta drives her car while Pihu is in the back seat. Preeta gets irritated when she notices a truck driving behind her car. The truck driver calls Sonakshi and confirms that they killed the mother and daughter.

The episode begins with Mahesh feeling well after getting the injection. However, he is unable to control his emotions and fights the doctors. He is eventually rushed to a mental institution, which Preeta decides is the last thing she wants. But, Prithvi is determined to save her son and tries to prevent it from happening. It is at this point that the two get into a fight over the girl who is really her daughter.

Nimmu’s worry about Fateh

Nimmu’s worry over Fateh continues to grow as the episode goes on. Nimmu realizes that her boyfriend has been making plans to visit Canada. As Fateh begins to get nervous about this, she begins to worry about her own safety. She decides to confront Fateh. But Fateh is too busy chasing Jasmine.

Meanwhile, Fateh is busy tracking down Jasmine. He’s determined to learn the truth about her, and tells her that he won’t stop until he’s found the truth. He also takes over the role of the other teacher on the college trip. Meanwhile, Fateh instructs Buzo to persuade his family to accept Simran.

Tara’s trapping of Tejo

In the episode titled “Tara’s Trapping of Tejo in Udaariyan 11th April 2022”, Tara traps Tejo by putting a knife around his neck and then makes him disappear. This is revealed when Jasmine is brought to the hospital by the doctor. Tejo tries to help Jasmine but she is unable to escape. She tries to convince Jasmine to go with him and she tells him that she cannot go to jail.

When Tejo returns from the hospital, he is caught unawares and Fateh is left wondering if his intoxication is affecting him or not. Angad Mann then wonders whether he should be able to do something to protect Tejo. Meanwhile, Fateh and Tejo are preparing to split the two. While they are doing this, Rupy notices that Tejo has taken the hint and is about to commit a big mistake.

Jasmine’s decision to go to Veer’s house alone

In the episode aired on Udaariyaan on 11th April 2022, Jasmine mentions apologizing to Fateh and the rest of Gippi’s family for hurting her. She thinks Fateh will stop her but he realizes that Jasmine cannot leave him alone. He runs to the car and hugs her. Fateh mentions that he can’t leave without her.

Later, Jasmine mentions that she would write a letter to Fateh and Amrik. It is a very emotional scene for them. Khushbeer will be surprised to learn that Fateh had been lying to Amrik for years and will never accept Jasmine as his daughter in law. It is a heartbreaking scene.

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