Trump tries to stop the Treasury Department from giving its tax returns to Congress

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Donald Trump’s lawyers urged a federal judge on Wednesday to block the Treasury Department and the IRS from submit his tax return to the House Ways and Means Committee.

The reason stated by the committee for: looking for the returnInvestigating how the IRS monitors presidents is just a pretext for wanting to look for something embarrassing, the lawyers said in a filing with federal court in Washington, adding that the legal authority Congress relies on has never been used against a president, a former president, or an elected official.
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“While the House Democrats had provided countless justifications for getting the president’s tax returns, no one at the time had ever expressed a desire to find out how the IRS controls presidents,” they said.

The committee chair’s request for Trump’s tax returns “looked little like an attempt to investigate how the IRS monitors presidents. It asked for the information of only one president, asked for open files for which audits were not completed, and never solicited the IRS for the most pertinent information, which is how it monitors presidents,” they said.

The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel said last week that a federal law forces the government to hand over the returns. The Committee on Ways and Means, controlled by Democrats, first sought them in 2019 and renewed the request this year, looking for Trump’s own returns and those of some of his companies.

Trump’s attorneys said Congress has no general power to investigate individual citizens and cannot demand personal, confidential information like a law enforcement organization can.

The committee cited a federal law requiring the Treasury and the IRS to file individual tax returns when prompted by one of Congress’ three tax committees. The Trump Administration refused to provide the documents, arguing that Congress had no legitimate legislative purpose in seeking them and simply hoped to find something that would embarrass the president.

In a 2019 advisory, the Office of Legal Counsel agreed, saying Congress’s demand was invalid. But last week it reversed course, saying the earlier conclusion did not give a coordinated branch of government the “respect and respect” it deserved.

The court filed Wednesday by Trump’s legal team asked a federal judge not only to block the Treasury from handing over the tax returns, but also to order the Ways and Means Committee to “order all pending investigations” of Trump and his officials. to terminate companies.

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