Triggered By Troll’s Question, Sayantani Ghosh Asks ‘What Is This Fascination About Breasts?’ – Tech Kashif


Celebrities, and pretty much every woman on social media, has to deal with uncomfortable questions and comments about their body when they post a picture or video. When celebrities go live on any platform, they face praise from fans as well as obscene comments from trolls.

Recently, TV actress Sayantani Ghosh had a similar experience during an interactive session. She was asked by a troll about her bra size. While the actress immediately gave a fitting reply, she also posted a longer note on Instagram to express her indignation about the incident.

In a post titled “Does size really matter?” she urged women to speak up for themselves. She said, “Yesterday in one of my interactive sessions someone asked me my bra size! Though I gave the person a befitting reply (which btw a lot of you appreciated) still I felt there is so much more I want to talk about.. Any form of BODY SHAMING is BAD!! Period. But particularly, I struggle to wrap my head around the fact that what is this fascination towards female BREASTS ?? As to what size it is ?? A cup, B, C or D etc ?? And it’s not only the boys, even us girls have this sort of a conditioning!”

In her caption she wrote, “A thread to end the “size” mentality! I found out today is #WorldHealthDay but you know “Mental Health” has now become the most important aspect of Health! Yes be FIT with your bodies but don’t forget your MIND!!! It’s high time we Normalise all body types, I am here for this change, are you?” Read the whole post here:

Sayantani is known for her roles in Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, Naaginn, Mahabharat, Naamkarann, Naagin Barrister Babu. She was a contestant on the 2012 reality series Bigg Boss 6.

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