Top 5: Raja Raja Chora is the best

Top 5: Raja Raja Chora is the best

The movies enter the theaters to prove their mettle. But only the least of the few win the hearts of the public.

Despite that, it becomes difficult for even the top performers to win at the box office due to not patronizing the audience as before.

Here is the list of five top movies that caught the public eye last week.

1. Raja Raja Chora: This movie topped the list. Sri Vishnu’s performance and Hasith Goli’s narration won unanimous praise from all walks of life and the media. But the collections are still not up to scratch.

This film along the lines of Jathi Ratnalu was expected to do some wonders at the box office. But that didn’t happen. Those who didn’t feel the pull to rush to theaters are waiting for the film’s OTT release.

2. S.R. Kalyana Mandapam: This movie starring Kiran Abbavaram and directed by Sridhar Gade could make some noise on release day. But within a few dates, things got stale at the checkout.

Audience patronage was low, despite superhits and attractive trailers. Finally it could get the image of a good movie, but not a good grosser one.

3. Paagal: Vishvak Sen did an experiment to appear as a loverboy. He tried to play a hilarious role. But things didn’t fall into place and the film garnered mixed reactions on Day-1. This Naresh Kuppili director was unable to make a single sound at the box office three days after the release.

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While some numbers have come out, the media is skeptical about knowing the traction in the theaters.

4. Bell Bottom: This movie shocked the nation with the worst response ever for an Akshay Kumar movie. This received critical acclaim from national media to regional media. Still, the turnout in the theaters is miserable.

The reason can only be attributed to the pandemic fear that engulfed the nation. The situation was not like this after the end of the first wave, but the second wave shock still could not leave people’s minds.

This film made the very lowest collections in Akshay Kumar’s career.

5. Crazy Uncles: This movie starring Mano, Raja Ravindra and Bharani Shankar directed by Satti Babu got the worst reviews from the public.

The film is nothing but a farcical comedy made in bad taste. This had a lot of expectations from the audience, but disappointed miserably.

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