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Google has revealed the dates of Google I/O 2021 developer conference– it’s largest annual event. Google I/O 2021 will be an online-only event between May 18 and 20. Google announced the development over Twitter and to keep things interesting, it announced the dates through a ‘punch card’ puzzle which may be a bit difficult for non tech-savvy users to crack but for developers it would be a piece of cake.

As far as the event is concerned, Google will reveal details of the next big Android update– Android 12– along with news about other products. All sessions would be free of cost to attend including technical sessions for “product announcements and how to adopt new features.” Google will reveal more details about I/O 2021 later this month. Viewers can also register for workshops where Google product experts will explain new features and there will be open forums too.
Talking about the next big Android 12 release, Google has recently announced the second Developer Preview of Android 12, giving Android users a glimpse of the new features that Android 12 will bring to their phones.
With the Android 12 update, Google plans to add a revamp taskbar for only big-screen devices. This Taskbar will reportedly appear at the bottom of the screen and show most-frequently used apps as well recently-opened apps.
For improving video quality, Google is adding compatible media transcoding to support HEVC. With this feature, an app that doesn’t support HEVC can have the platform automatically transcode the file into AVC. Also, for better image quality with more efficient compression, Android 12 will support AV1 Image File Format (AVIF). Google claims that this will dramatically improve image quality for the same file size when compared to older image formats like JPEG. Google will also introduce new privacy feature along with several other optimisations.

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