thief steals phone: “Bhai mujhe laga OnePlus 9 Pro hai”: Thief steals phone, then gives it back – Times of India

In a rare occurrence, a man in a black mask allegedly snatched the phone of a journalist in Sector 52, Noida, while he was busy messaging on it. When the startled journo chased after the thief, an even more startling thing happened, as claimed by the journalist Debayon Roy. The man who had snatched the phone from his hands turned back towards him and when he was close, said this: “Bhai mujhe laga OnePlus 9 Pro model hai”, dropped the phone and ran away. The journo got his phone back this way but posted about the incident on his Twitter handle.

The phone that got snatched was a Samsung flagship, the Galaxy S10 Plus, the journalist confirmed in one of his follow-up tweets. While no one can be sure if the masked man recognised the specific model number and the company, he certainly seems to be hell bent on stealing a OnePlus 9 Pro only. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus costs almost double than a OnePlus flagship at the time of its launch, and it got a price cut some months back, bringing it to Rs 40-45k price segment. The OnePlus 9 Pro has been introduced recently in the markets at a starting price of Rs 64,999.
Even when successful with his phone-snatching, the masked man didn’t seem to be interested in finding use for any other phone. Maybe he got lots of them stashed away somewhere as incidences of phone-snatching are not new and keep on getting reported in the Delhi NCR region.

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