The Real Name of the Actress in Song Reh Jao Na in Web Series Peshawar

The Real Name of the Actress in Song Reh Jao Na in Web Series Peshawar

The Real Name of the Actress in Song Reh Jao Na in Web Series Peshawar

Song Reh Jao Na in Web Series Peshawar: Well, the name Reh Jao Na is quite common and it means “Old Maid”. She has been starring in this Web Series since 2021. The first season was about a young woman named Ashya Zaid. Ashya played the lead role of Reh Jao Na. The story revolves around a warlord named Reh Jao who rules over a country called KP. The name Reh Jao Na is a tribute to Ashya who was the original lead character of Web Series Peshawar.

In the movie, Reh Jao Na plays the role of the daughter of an influential family in KP. Her best friend is a young man named Saleem. Reh Jao Na’s father, according to one of the characters in the series, is not well and he always complains about his daughter’s looks. He even makes her go through beauty therapy so that she gets beautiful hair.

Reh Jao Na’s real name is Rehema Jao. In the movie, we find out that Rehema Jao is the Assistant Director in charge of KP’s intelligence wing known as 10 ALA. In the song, Rehema Jao sings about how her father always used to threaten her to get a good job in a good company or else he would desert her. Rehema Jao failed in her exams twice and once was even rejected by an American company. Rehema Jao was constantly trying to run away from home but finally got a position with a multinational company.

In the first episode of the series, Rehema Jao’s best friend gives her a gift which is a map of KP. The girl is overjoyed by the gift. Soon, Rehema Jao falls for a boy from her company. Her friend tells her that the boy is actually named Anwar. Anwar and Rehema Jao end up dating.

Soon, Anwar becomes the love interest of Rehema Jao. When Rehema Jao learns that the boy she is dating is Anwar’s brother, she takes a different path. She does not want to pursue the relationship anymore. Anwar tells her that his brother was the target of some terrorists so he took up arms to protect them. Rehema Jao tells her to forget about the boy and look after herself.

Later in the series, Rehema Jao falls in love again with another man from the company. When Anwar’s brother Abubak comes to know of this, he beats up Abubak and takes Rehma Jao’s boyfriend, Anwar, with him. He threatens to expose Rehma Jao’s relationship with Anwar. In an effort to save her reputation, Rehma Jao pleads with Anwar’s brother to let him go free.

Now, it seems that Rehma Jao has fallen out of love with Anwar again. However, in the eleventh episode, it is revealed that Rehma Jao’s former lover is now coming back into her life. The singer’s former lover’s name is Jaanish. Jaanish is a fan of Rehma Jao’s. In fact, Jaanish is the reason why Rehma Jao is writing songs with the song title, “Watchers”.

As per one Internet user, Jaanish is the name of a director by the name of Karan Johar. In the same way, Rehma Jao’s full name is Rehma Jao Na. This artiste is currently appearing in three Web Series. This shows that the actress is quite popular among people from all walks of life. She is also well known for her excellent singing abilities.

The name of the song in the Web Series, which is known as Web Series Peshawar, is “Reh Jao”. The song is played by the character of Rehma Jao. It is believed that the song was inspired by a story of a lion named Reh. Further research is underway to find out who exactly composed the song. However, the name of the lead artiste is confirmed as Reh Jao.

It is interesting to note that the name of Rehma Jao is not that common. However, it is known that she is an actress. Her real name is Rana Azmi. We can safely presume that the song title “Reh Jao” means ‘Queen of Song’.

However, there are a few other known actresses who are associated with Reh’s real name. For example, there is Anushka Shetty, who is known for her roles in Sharukh Khan and Bollywood films. We can also findaptra inside the name of an Indian idol called Pantalons. Similarly, Ravi Teja, known as Ravi who appeared in Aishwarya Rai’s first Hindi film, Bend It Like Beckham, also has a similar name.

Song Reh Jao Na in Web Series Peshawar

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