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The Morning Show season 2 episode 9 spoilers: The last one before the finale
The Morning Show season 2 episode 9 spoilers: The last one before the finale

Upcoming weeks The morning show season 2 episode 9 is about to get huge. For starters, it’s the last one before the final! Not only that, but you’re dealing with everything from lawsuits to changing relationships to a bomb book that could change everything in the future.

The title for this upcoming episode is “Testimony”, so you can go ahead and read whatever you want. Its synopsis contains a little bit of information:

“Alex and Bradley try to accept change when a new book promises shocking revelations.”

It’s not easy to pin down what that change looks like. Change is liquid. Alex has been dealing with it a lot in the wake of Mitch’s death. What both she and Bradley need to remember is that in the public sphere, almost everything eventually becomes public. They will each carry a significant amount of TMS weight on their shoulders for quite some time. Expect some BIG things in the closing minutes of Episode 9 – and it’s all the better to put on the finale, right?

There’s one mystery that comes to mind when entering the last two episodes that’s somewhat separate from the story itself: why Apple TV+ didn’t go ahead and refresh The morning show yet? It feels like it is definitely successful and viable enough in the long run. If we had to guess, maybe it’s about making sure the right story is out there and everyone wants to stay ahead. Also, Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston are very busy; let’s not sit here and pretend this is the only gig any of them have.

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What would you most like to see when it comes to The morning show season 2 episode 9?

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