The Khatra Khatra Show 8th April 2022 Written Update


The Khatra Khatra Show

The first episode of the latest season of The Khtrakhatra Show is out and it’s a doozy! In the episode, Sana and Punit dance to Mallika Sherawat’s hit song, “Maiyya Maiyya”. Ranajay punishes Neha and Rashami. Also, we’ll be finding out who’s the next victim of Ranajay’s revenge!

Episode 8

The seventh season of The Khtra Khandra Show is all set to launch on the 14th of April, and this season will feature a new set of contestants and a new episode. The show’s writers have promised the viewers that it will be entertaining and funny, so we should all tune in to find out what happens on April 14.

Ranajay’s punishment for Neha and Rashami

After a series of incidents, Ranajay is ordered to punish the culprits and promises to take care of the case. Iman, Rashami’s sister, argues that she has no business involving Ranajay in such a case. Ranajay says that he must handle such an incident and suggests that she stay with him while she travels to Kolkata.

Ranajay’s words to Iman

In the first episode, Ranajay accuses Iman of being sick. Although she used to be his lover, she no longer loves him. She tries to blame Shruti for the situation but Ranajay accuses her of being selfish and neglecting their daughter. He even accuses Iman of not taking care of his daughter when he should be with her. Shruti argues that she is not selfish. Iman blames her husband for neglecting her and claiming that she is a petty person who is not even interested in taking care of her daughter.

Ranajay’s anger towards Sahana

After the controversies in the first season, the audience is waiting for the upcoming episodes of The Khtra Show to come out. The Khatra Show is a popular TV show that is known for its hilarious antics. It stars several celebrities every week and also features Bharti and Harsh as the central cast. The show will feature various games and challenges that will test the personalities of the contestants.

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