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In today’s episode, Sudesh Lehri and Chandan Prabhakar enter as Chacha and Chandu. Kapil makes fun of them. They crack hilarious jokes and create a fun environment. Kapil mocks Chandu regarding the masks. When Chacha tries to stop him, Kapil mocks him by telling him to stop robbing kites. 

For the Lohri special episode, Kapil welcomes melodious singers Jaspinder Narula and Jasbir Jassi, accompanied by the extremely talented Divya Dutta, to take over the stage. Divya recites a poem. Kapil, as usual, injects a sense of levity into the atmosphere and makes fun of Archana Singh. Jasbir recalls his previous visit to the show. Jasbir is full of admiration for Jaspinder and Divya. Kapil flirts with Divya. Jasbir recounts his life in the early stages of his career. The trio recalls how they celebrated Lohri as children. Jaspinder and Jasbir sing a couple of songs.

Kiku Sharda enters the scene as Achcha Yadhav, dancing to the Dhol beats along with the buffalo. He tells funny jokes. The three laugh at Achcha Yadav’s jokes and have a good time talking. Kapil makes a mockery of him. Achcha Yadav discusses his buffalo. He narrates a few funny instances.

Kapil displays a few photos of the trio, and they read aloud a few hilarious comments that had been left alongside their photos. Kapil poses a few rumours to the trio and asks if they are true or not. They have a funny exchange, and this segment turns hilarious.

Kapil asks the audience to share their favourite festival and why they like it so much. The antics and experiences of the audience are amusing. Kapil makes it more enjoyable. Divya distributes the book written by her. Everyone appreciates her.

Krushna Abhishek appears as Amitabh Bachchan’s impersonator. He generates a crazy environment. He tells a few jokes. Jaspinder, Jasbir, and Divya love his jokes and have a good time with Kapil and his team.

We have seen this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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