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The previous year on 30th May a bunch of high turnover organisations like Zomato, Disney+ Hotstar, Paytm, Myntra and Amazon had to face huge losses because of the Internet shutdown. This happened due to the expiration of the AddTrust External CA Root. A similar thing is going to happen today as the Let’s Encrypt IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 certificate will expire today and this can result in the internet shut down for many users across the globe. We can call it an Internet Blackout where many users will not be provided with the internet services and this could result in huge losses once again. 

Let’s Encrypt tweeted this news yesterday. They have been continuously warning the users for a long time about the expiry of the certificate so that they can upgrade to the latest OS on time. The devices running on the old OS will be impacted with the expiry of the certificate. The devices which are not upgraded will not be able to access the internet.

Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profitable organisation that gives certificates to encrypt connections between the device and the internet. For an example: the website link that starts with an https is secured and these are visible in only those websites which have the IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 certificate. The data will be secure on the internet and will be protected from the hackers if the company has got the certificate issued from Let’s Encrypt. 

Expiration of Certificate

The certificates are issued with a particular validity and after it reaches the expiry date, it becomes invalid. The IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 certificate is going to expire today and the devices which are not upgraded to the latest operating systems will not receive the new certificates. 


The devices which are not upgraded to the latest operating system are going to get affected with this issue. There are many users who do not upgrade their devices regularly and this is a major reason for the internet shut down. 

What to do next?

If you are using an Android phone which is running on versions older than 7.1 or if you are using an iPhone which has software version older than 10, then you will not get access to the internet. You should upgrade the software versions of your devices as soon as possible to skip this issue.

Therefore, you should always keep your devices updated to the latest software. For more tech related news subscribe to our YouTube Channel if you haven’t done it yet.

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