The Fitbit Charge 5 and its features are shown in leaked video


AN leaked video seems to be showing off the rumored Fitbit Charge 5 just over a week later we’ve seen renders of it on the internet. The video shows some features of the new wearable, including daily readiness and stress management scores, as well as ECG capabilities. The leaker also reveals that the device will cost $179.

The $179 price tag is $50 more than a Charge 4 costs now, but the new version has a color screen instead of a monochromatic screen and adds support for EKGs. Like the Charge 4, the Charge 5 also has built-in GPS, according to the video.
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The main new feature seems to be the Daily Readiness Score, which is only available to those with a $10 per month or $80 per year Fitbit Premium subscription. The video shows that the score is calculated based on your exercise history, sleep and heart rate, and that Fitbit will recommend what kind of exercise you should do that day. For example, if you hit the gym hard or didn’t sleep well the day before, the Fitbit may recommend a light yoga workout instead of a 15-mile run.

The daily readiness score tells you to take a break.
Image: @_snoopytech_ on Twitter

The concept of rest days, or days when you just don’t feel well, is something the Apple Watch really misses, and a color screen would certainly help bring the Charge 5 closer to the smartwatch end of the wearable spectrum. Fitbit Premium also competes with Apple’s Fitness Plus service, as it also offers audio/video workouts for you to follow (as well as access to a health coach for an additional $45 per month).

The leaked video doesn’t mention a release date, but this leak (along with the device’s recent renders) seem to imply that the device is coming sooner rather than later.

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