The End of the Kid Detective Explained

The Kid Detective is certainly one of the most underrated comedy films of the past year. Featuring some of the most bluntly written jokes ever in a movie, a thrilling ride awaits if you choose to watch The Kid Detective. Also, don’t be confused by the title of the movie. We assure you that the film is about everything but a child! The Kid Detective was released at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2020. The theatrical release took place worldwide at different times of the year. The film is written and directed by Evan Morgan. Starring Adam Broy, Sophie Nelisse, Tzi Ma, Wendy Crewson and Sarah Sutherland in the lead roles. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about The Kid Detective, but let’s warn you about the big spoilers ahead!

The story revolves around the life of Abe Applebaum. Abe is a child prodigy and local hero at age 12. He lives in a small town called Willowbrook and goes around solving little mysteries and cases. One day, however, his good friend Gracie Gulliver goes missing. Despite Abe joining forces to conduct an extensive investigation into Gracie’s disappearance, he can’t find her. This left him completely traumatized.

The End of the Kid Detective Explained

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Adam Brody as Abe Applebaum in The Kid Detective

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