The Devil You Know Season 2: Every Major Update | Story


The devil you know is a American Docu series created by ViceTV. The series aims to explore the backstories and fundamental factors of some of the most notorious killers in the US. The show examines the events from a different angle and does not force the stories to fit into a preconceived narrative pattern. The Devil You Know season 2 is a must see!

The series has two seasons, with a total of 32 episodes, the first of which premiered in 2011. This docuseries is a collection of true crimes committed by people who were never easily suspected of what they can do by their friends and neighbors.

plot: season 1

Season 1 of the series tells the story of a man named John Lawson. He later became known as the Pazuzu, who used to lead a satanic cult. Season 2 delves even further into this satanic cult that is always on the hunt for impressionable spirits to brainwash them.

Anti lizard cult

The Devil You Know Season 2: Every Major Update |  Story
With a still from The Devil You Know season 2

Season 2 tells the story of an Anti Lizard cult. As incredibly insane as it sounds, you read it right. Season 2 presents the story of Sherry J.Shriner who brainwashed people about the Lizards and their wicked ability. She used widely used platforms such as Facebook and YouTube and nurtured sensitive listeners. These people had no previous hat to feed the lizards before they were taken care of.

Things were going well when it was just silly talk and discussions. But then something happened. The two main deaths that underscore the horrors and deeply held misguided beliefs of Shriner’s cult are the murder of Steven Mineo and the suicide of Kelley Pingilli. It is possible that both are suicides.

Mineo was killed by Rogers, who was an experienced army officer. Her direct post kills the interview and during the prison interview – both show a clear difference. It feels like Rogers is incapable of thinking clearly or giving a clear description of how things went.

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The judgment without judgment

the official poster of season 1
Season 1 – The Devil You Know!

First of all, as mentioned before, the show’s investigation never tries to blame who did it. The investigators, Tony Russo and Guillaume Chaslot, just want to understand why this absurdly heinous crime came from, what role mainstream society should play in it, or why so many people believed so readily in this hoax that was only meant to garner worship for Shriner. The power of faith among the cult members is so strong that they believe that Shriner is still alive. Her death is nothing but a much-needed hoax to avoid attention.

The Scary Part of The Devil You Know Season 2

the devil from The Devil You Know season 2
The Devil You Know Season 2 and his Satan will be a blow to you!

Trying to document everything the extreme believers of the doomsday cults might have, the series also spoke to their friends. Their friends still remember how they used to be. They never seemed to be the ones involved in such things. This is the scariest part. There was nothing wrong with them which makes it very difficult to separate them from the crowd. It’s the devils we know.

The Devil You Know Season 2 Release Date

We don’t have an official date for season 2.

The Devil You Know Season 2 Available on

The show is available on Prime Video and hulu originals.


The series is an exciting and informative. It is aimed at information and awareness. At the same time, it underscores the power of unaddressed misguided belief that can affect a large number of people and ultimately poison countries and generations.

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