The challenge season 37 episode 3: Is Corey L. Michele at risk?


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Are you interested in knowing what’s going on? The challenge season 37 episode 3 next week? We have to imagine that there will be more chaos. Isn’t that the way of things with this show?

Tonight’s episode was already a bit of a surprise. Ed only entered the competition so it was a bit shocking to see him in danger right away! We honestly expected him and Emy to get out of this because they didn’t have much physical advantage here. This was an intense battle and we know that many of the other players argued for Ed and Emy instead of Kelz and Tracy – and they won! We had an underdog win like no other here, and we think this tied Ed and Emy together for a while. (Of course, not so much to really stick together – too bad. It’s also hilarious that Devin keeps getting picked as a new teammate.)

Of course, we’re still wondering what the show will look like in the future. So many of the old favorites are still around, and we think the veterans will do everything they can to keep each other close.

As for the next step, we have to assume that Corey L. and Michele are going to be in big trouble – they are a full rookie team and beyond that they have both already won. They pose a huge threat to get far! The alliance with vets is still solid, but we have to wonder how long they will last before they turn against each other.

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Tonight’s preview gave us a glimpse of a super-dangerous challenge involving a cave, a cave where blood and… a lot of of danger. Can anyone be evacuated from the game before we even get to the end of the episode?

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