Thapki Pyar Ki 9th April 2022 Written Update


Thapki Pyar Ki

The ninth episode of Thapki Pyar Ki will focus on a mistake made by Preethi in the media conference. Read on to find out what happened and how Veena and Purab react to it. You’ll also learn how the mistake is resolved in the episode. After this, you’ll be ready for the next episode, which starts from April 9.

Thapki Pyar Ki’s mistake

The audience will witness the dramatic twist in the upcoming episode of the popular TV show, “Thapki Pyar Ki” when Priyanka confesses to Sagar about her love for him. Earlier, Priyanka had concealed the truth from her mother’s family and thus, she was able to get married to Sagar. However, the shocking incident leaves her with questions. The whole episode revolves around this episode and how Priyanka reacts to it.

After realising her mistake, Preethi apologizes to Sagar and thanks his friends for preventing her from doing something wrong. She also asks Ashok to forgive her. The actor promises to never do it again. However, Preethi is not happy with this news. She then asks Ashok to go and bring the doctor to the house. Ashok is also relieved to have her back and asks her to join the wedding.

Preethi’s mistake

“Thapki” was a big mistake for Preethi. As a result, she is not able to marry her boyfriend Sagar. This mistake makes Preethi go through a lot of pain and she tries to hide her mistake. But soon, she realizes that she has made a mistake and wants Ashok to forgive her. Fortunately, Ashok forgives her, and she agrees to stay with him.

Then, Preethi tries to explain her mistake. She blames her mistake on her past and the fact that she has already married Hansika. Thapki apologizes to everyone in the house, but Priyanka isn’t convinced. Priyanka goes to Sagar’s room to tell him about Preethi’s mistake. Afterward, she hugs him and apologizes to everyone. But Sudha doesn’t tell Priyanka about her mistake, and he and Veena argue. Sudha’s mistake makes Preethi feel guilty. The episode ends with Sudha telling Priyanka that he loves her, but she does not love him.

Veena’s reaction

Veena’s reactions to the 9th April 2022 Written Update will leave you in splits. As the episode begins, Sapna and Veena are battling it out. Sapna asks Veena why she’s taking side of Dadi. Veena responds that he knows she’s on his side and is defending Dadi.

Veena reveals that she is not worried about Sargam. She says that her friends have been helping her. But the truth is that she is worried about her brother. She tries to hide her feelings from Purab. But he tries to protect her, saying that his mistake was his. When she finally reveals to him that he was right, he forgives her and tells her that everything is set.

Purab’s reaction

Watch the episode ‘Purab’s Reaction to Thapki Pyar Ki 9th Apr. 2022′ to know his reaction to the actress’ latest appearance. This episode will be an interesting read as the actors play a couple who are not even married. They both love each other and want to be together but their personalities don’t match. Watch Purab’s Reaction to Thapki Pyar Ki 9th April 2022 episode to know how Purab will react to this new twist in the plot.

During the holika dahan scene, Thapki asks Purab to show him his hand. When he sees the scar, he puts some medicine on it and then asks if he can kiss her. He then goes on to say that he loves her and would marry her. However, he does not want Preeti to be a part of the wedding and will stay with Thapki.

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