Thapki Pyar Ki 8th April Written Update


Thapki Pyar Ki

The Thapki Pyar Ki 8th April Written Update is here! Find out which actors are starring in the upcoming episode of the show! This article is going to discuss Veena, Sapna, Priyanka, and Anshul. Also, get to know which actor is stepping into the role of the infamous gangster! Now, let’s get started with the latest Thapki Pyar Ki written update!


In Veena Thapki Pyar Ki (8th April 2022), Veena and Purab are having dinner at Veena’s house. Thapki arrives and asks for a glass of kahda. Veena refuses to accept her new role as Amma’s daughter-in-law and wants to go home. However, Veena is not ready to leave yet and she goes to meet her brother, Purab, to share her feelings for her.


On Sapna Thapki Pyar Ki eighth of April 2022, our heroine has to deal with a new family problem. She has to decide between Veena and Mukul. Veena wants to marry Mukul. But she is torn between the two. The drama between the two has begun. Watch Sapna and Veena in this new episode to find out how things will turn out.


The eight-episode of the popular television show Priyanka Thapki Pyaar Ki (PTPK) continues from the previous episode. The episode begins with Sagar and Purab breaking up over a matter of faith. While preparing for this event, Sagar decides to hit Purab. Priyanka tells him that he has to apologize to the couple, but Sagar says he cannot forgive him.


After hearing the news of Rohit’s arrest, Anshul decides to take a look at his life. During the day, he calls up his girlfriend, Hansika, and asks her why she’s not here. She tells him that she’s been in an AC room for several hours, and is now suffering from a sore throat. But before he can get too far ahead, she explains to him that she’ll be paying the rent to her mamaji and mamiji.


The eighth episode of the TV show Sudha Thapki Pyar Ki is all set to end with a heartbreaking scene. The scene begins with Thapki trying to wake up a sleeping Preethi. Meanwhile, Sagar has gotten drunk and hits him. When Preethi notices, he says that his words hurt his feelings and apologizes. In the next episode, he finds out that he has hit his brother, and he says that it’s his fault.

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