Thapki Pyar Ki 13th April 2022 Written Update


Thapki Pyar Ki

The Thapki Pyar Ki thirteenth April 2022 Written Update will discuss how Diwakar’s mother lies to him about Aditi’s ungratefulness. It will also discuss the mistake that Preethi made and how Paresh reacts to her apology. Finally, it will discuss how Bihaan’s relationship with Thapki develops. Read on to know more about the upcoming episodes of the show!

Diwakar’s mother lies to him about Aditi’s ungratefulness

In the Thirteenth episode of Thapki Pyar Ki, Diwakar’s mother lies to the police about his daughter’s ungratefulness. Meanwhile, Aditi tries to bribe Diwakar by filling a form to become a model. Diwakar’s father is very angry and asks him to take the money from Shraddha. Shraddha and Sankar make a plan to separate Bihaan and Tina. They send Tina to a boarding school in Agra. The couple is reunited at the school.

Aditi is shocked to hear about Diwakar’s plan. She thinks he is scheming and he is repelled. Then, he starts to doubt his ability. When he tells her that he is unable to do so, she lashes back, accusing him of lying to the police. She even reveals that she has been stealing money from her mother for years! But, she’s not going to go away without getting anything.

Preethi’s mistake

The episode of the upcoming movie “Thapki Pyar Ki 13th April 2022” revolves around Preethi’s mistake. While the entire family is elated, Preethi realises that she has committed a grave mistake. She thanks her friends for stopping her from committing the sin. She asks Ashok to forgive her, and Ashok agrees. After that, Preethi asks Ashok to go to her house and let her stay with her.

When Priyanka discovers the truth behind the incident, she is horrified to find out that her husband Sagar has been cheating on her. Despite her incredulous shock, she tries to make amends. But she is not sure how. Preethi is heartbroken and she cries. As a result, she goes on to relive the pain of her past.

Paresh’s reaction to Preethi’s apology

In this week’s episode of Thapki Pyar Ki, Paresh is angry at Preethi’s apology. He is astonished to hear that Preethi’s heartfelt words have hurt him. He tells Thapki to “get out of your head and accept the fact that she loves you so much.” However, Preethi quickly walks away, demanding to meet Priyanka and ask for her forgiveness.

In the previous episode, Paresh apologized to Preethi for her sin, saying that she should have reacted differently. But now, the episode shifts to the past, when Preethi apologizes to Ashok and Purab. Preethi thanks the friends for preventing her from doing this sin, and asks Ashok to forgive her. Ashok says everything is set, and Purab says Thapki has set everybody’s problems in motion.

Bihaan’s relationship with Thapki

In the upcoming episode, Bihaan’s relationship with Thapko deteriorates as she learns the truth about his marriage to Dhruv. The episode also revolves around the love triangle between Bihaan and Thapki. Thapki, who has been married to Dhruv for three months, falls in love with Bihaan and gets back into the Pandey house as her daughter-in-law. Vasundhara, who is also jealous of Bihaan, tries to make Thapki angry by getting Dhruv married to evil Shraddha, who will do anything to get the wedding photos. In the end, Bihaan manages to save Thapki from the deity and is able to regain his relationship with Dhru

The episode starts with Thapki teasing Bihaan by saying “Chukh Chukh Gaadi” to her. Thapki then tells him to put on his T-Shirt, claiming it will prove how much she loves him. However, Bihaan does not believe her. He also accuses Thapki of killing Dhruv. However, Thapki attempts to defend her innocent, but this time Bihaan snaps at her and orders her to leave the Pandey mansion.

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