Thapki Pyar Ki 12th April 2022 Written Update


Thapki Pyar Ki

In this episode of Thapki Pyar Ki, we will see Sagar promise not to date any girl other than Priyanka. We will also see how Sapna humiliates Veena. Lastly, Ashok tries to make Thapki panic. Read the latest news about the show to know more about what will happen next in the episode. Thapki Pyar Ki 12th April 2022 Written Update

Sagar promises to never see any girl other than Priyanka

In this episode, Sagar makes a promise to Priyanka to never see another girl. Sagar promises to never see another girl in his life, and even gets romantic, kissing her. Priyanka is shocked to see this, but she doesn’t let go of her promise. The two become close and Sagar promises to never see a girl other than Priyanka again.

Thapki signs divorce papers

The episode begins with Veena Devi urging Thapki to sign the divorce papers. The papers were prepared in a similar manner to that of a marriage. This time, however, Veena Devi has a different purpose in mind. Veena wants to divorce Thapki for the sake of their children. Veena is also angry with Thapki for doing the wrong thing in the first place.

Ashok tries to panic Thapki

The upcoming episode of the popular television show will see the main character, Ashok, try to panic the hapless Veena, by bribing her to keep the truth hidden. The actress did not want Veena to learn the truth, as she wanted to make her humiliated. But, things are not going so smoothly. Ashok has been playing the villain, and this time, he’s going to make things worse by trying to panic the lady.

Anshul apologises to Veena

In the Thapki Pyar Ki 12th April 2018 Written Update, Anshul apologises to the loving Veena for the video she sent to the Doctor. She says that she will try to find the truth and move on. Sargam won’t leave until Thapki apologizes to her. Anshul tells Sargam about how Thapki and Purab saved him from Hansika and also that they both fed her cupcakes.

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