Thapki Pyar Ki 11th April 2022 Written Update


Thapki Pyar Ki

Among the five couples, Anshul, Preeti, Rohit, and Suraj are most prominent in the upcoming episodes of Thapki Pyar Ki. But who will survive in this show? Let’s find out in this article. We’ll also discuss the fate of the four remaining couples! Read on to know who will survive in the upcoming episodes! Hopefully, you’ll be able to predict the outcome of the show’s dramas!


Anshul and Thapki meet again. This time, Thapki is aware of her husband’s shady background. He apologizes to her for not listening to her, while Veena and Purab blame her for not being a good friend. Thapki, on the other hand, blames the kids for messing up her dress and for trusting the wrong person. After hearing this, Anshul tells her that she is a good friend and that she has always stood by her man. The two of them get to know each other’s background and that the other couple is not a liar, as she had said.


The eleventh episode of the upcoming drama series “Preeti Thapki Pyar Ki” will feature a tense relationship between two lovebirds – Priyanka and Sagar. The two are involved in an illicit affair, but they are trying to put their relationship on hold. Sagar tries to make things work, but Preeti is determined not to let it ruin their relationship.


This episode starts with a shocking development. Priyanka is shocked to see Sapna’s sudden appearance. She says that she was not able to see her for some time, and that she is very surprised by her sudden appearance. The family hurries to her aid, but she collapses and a doctor is called to check her condition. Seeing that her mother is not well, Sapna sends the family out to get help.


In the latest episode of the colors tv serial, Thapki Pyar Ki, the main characters are seen to get trapped in the freezer, and Priyanka refuses to help her. Fortunately, a rescue attempt by Purab is successful, and Purab tries to revive Thapki by performing CPR on her. But Priyanka’s reaction is too late and she ends up being snubbed.


Veena is very unhappy at the beginning of the show, and it is not surprising at all because she has been hiding her stammer from her son. It seems like she is doing so to get money and fame. Sapna even taunts her to keep the secret from her son. But how could she do that? What is her motive? Read on to find out.

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