Swaran Ghar: Upcoming Story Twist! Vikram Hampers Swaran’s Take Off!


Swaran Ghar

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In the story that is coming up of Swarna Ghar Vikram’s greedy ways will interfere with Swaran’s takeoff plan.

In the ongoing story that has been told about Swaran Ghar Vikram discovered the letter written by Ajit to Swaran via Amber.

And not only that, Amber has uncovered Swaran’s and Ajit’s old picture at the mandir, and has handed it over with the letter.

According to the most recent twists in the Swarna Ghar show, Swaran has come across another business opportunity.

Swaran is in the process of launching the brand’s own line of natural cosmetics “Bedi’s Herbal Cream” as part of the school’s project.

On the other hand Vikram is unable to comprehend Ajit and Swaran’s photographs and believes that they were have been already married as per the spoilers in the serial.

Is Vikram’s evil mind poised to bring yet another storm into Swaran’s peaceful life?

We will be watching the upcoming seasons in the show Swaran Ghar to learn what happens when Swaran is fighting another accusation of her character. Vikram as the main villain.

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