Swaran Ghar 8th April 2022 Written Update


Swaran Ghar

The first part of the Swaran Ghar 8th April 2022 written update was all about how the story began when Anandi is kidnapped by Jigar. After rescuing her, Anand disguises himself as ‘Jignesh’ and attempts to find a witness to Anandi’s child marriage. In this episode, Anandi’s children are introduced to the world for the first time.

Anandi is kidnapped by Jigar

Amidst a family feud, Anandi is kidnapped in the name of her new boyfriend. Jigar is furious that Anandi has refused to leave for the U.S., and is trying to get him rusticated from the college. Meanwhile, Jigar’s friend pays a student in the university to falsely accuse Anandi of molestation. Anandi, however, believes that he has done nothing wrong, and she challenges him to choose between Anand and her new husband. The two men argue and Anand ends up telling Jigar to go to jail.

Anand rescues her

A scene that occurs at the beginning of the episode shows Diya at a club, while her date is chatting with Anandi. She is hesitant to talk to the guy because her parents don’t want to offend him, but eventually convinces him to go with her. As the night progresses, Jigar comes to Anandi’s room to talk about his file. Anandi tells Jigar that he is still into her and brought her white lilies from his home last night. Anandi wonders why Jigar did not give her flowers the night before.

Anand disguises himself as ‘Jignesh’

In the Swaran Ghar 8th April 2022 written update, Anand disguises himself as ‘Jignesh’ to seduce the ladies of society. The episode begins with Swaran telling Neelu about his plans. When she opens the door, she finds no guests. Swaran is accused of being a bad influence on the girls of society. The women at her doorstep accuse him of murder. The women throw a stone at Swaran’s head and he is hit by it.

Anand tries to find a witness to Anandi’s child marriage

Anand tries to find a witness to save Anandi’s life. However, he runs into problems with Jigar, a villager who tries to get evidence from Anandi. Jigar threatens Anandi, so Anand asks Gauri for help. Gauri explains that child marriages are common in the village and that her father married Anandi when she was only eight months old in a running truck.

Anand’s relationship with Madi Baa

The film revolves around Anand’s love life. The young man is attracted to his younger sister’s beauty and is convinced to get married to her. But the family is not happy with this arrangement, and Anand returns to college. The young man falls in love with Madi Baa’s beauty, but the relationship turns sour after Jigar refuses to date her. Jigar even throws milk at her face after Anand tells her he is not interested in marriage.

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