Swaran Ghar 15th April 2022 Written Update

Swaran Ghar 15th April 2022 Written Update
Swaran Ghar 15th April 2022 Written Update


The episode of Swaran Ghar in the coming days will have many interesting stories to tell. Swaran’s struggle with Kanwaljeet, his defamation, and his plan to flaunt her before the media will be discussed in the article. The reader will be able to identify the main characters and plot lines in the episode. So, keep reading to know what will happen next!

Swaran Ghar’s struggle with Kanwaljeet

Watch ‘Swaran Ghar’s struggle with Kanwaljitet’ online for free. Swaran and Kanwaljeet have been in a rocky relationship for quite some time. However, everything seems to be changing now. This episode follows their story. Swaran wants to transfer her joint bank account to a solo one. However, Vikram says that it is not possible and he will submit a court order. Vikram tells Swaran that she cannot use her joint account anymore. Vikram then slaps Ajit.

Her son’s defamation of her

The story of Swaran Ghar begins with her converting her house into a working women’s hostel. Micky, her ex-husband, is worried about Ginni, but Swaran assures him that she will take care of her as if she were her own family. Later, Jai questions Ajit about having spent the night at Swaran’s place. He shows Ajit the letters Swaran sent him. Ajit feels that he has been wronged by the accusations.

Her plan to flaunt her in front of the media

The fifth episode of Swaran Ghar begins with Sharvari asking Swaran what she wants to do now. She wants to go on holiday and takes up a job as a cab driver, but she is turned down everywhere because of the media scandal. Nikki, whose father has recently passed away, also asks her to forgive her. But, Swaran refuses. Then, she decides to turn Swaran Ghar into a ladies’ hostel.

Her son’s reaction

The emotional turmoils of an aged widow mother, Swaran, are depicted in the TV show, “Swaran Ghar”. The drama aired on Colors TV and Voot app. It depicts Swaran’s emotional roller-coaster as she confronts her sons and the lawyer’s assistant, who becomes her saviour. Swaran’s son Vikram accuses his mother of killing her beloved daughter, Kanwaljeet, but her daughter-in-law stands by her side.

Her grandson’s reaction to her plan

The upcoming show on Colors TV is based on the 2003 movie Baghban and has its climax in the midst of a family drama. The plot revolves around the actions of Swaran Ghar and her three sons. Her sons, Nakul, Vikram, and Yug, are shocked and furious when they find out that their mother is planning to sell Swaran Ghar. As a result, Swaran lashes out and her sons react irrationally.

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