Swaran Ghar 12th April 2022 Written Update


Swaran Ghar

The Angry mob attacks the villagers of Swaran Ghar! Jessica and Vikram come forward to provide support and help! In the last episode of the series, Swaran Ghar is attacked by an enraged mob! Read on to find out what will happen in this episode. Swaran Ghar: 12th April 2022 Written Update

Angry mob attacks Swaran Ghar

Earlier this week, an angry mob attacked a Muslim dargah in Indore, India. Members of the Bajrang Dal hurled iron rods at the building and attacked the family. The caretaker, Khadim Noor Shah, was injured. The Muslim dargah was partially damaged in the attack, and the Hindutva group left a pamphlet threatening Muslims.

Swaran Ghar’s blessings

The new Hindi family drama ‘Swaran Ghar’ is all set to premiere on Colors in India on 12th April 2022. The show follows the lives of middle-aged Swaran and her husband Kanwaljeet. Watch the teaser to get the first look. If you love family drama, you won’t want to miss this new show! Here’s what to expect from Swaran Ghar!

Vikram’s support

“How will we find proof?” asks Vikram, who has no idea how his dad was killed or how the postmortem was conducted. But, the detective doesn’t know, either. Because of his work, he has erased all proofs. He even slaps him, which makes him cry. He’s not convinced that he can help Swaran, but he insists that he’ll try.

Jessica’s help

In the latest episode, the team is busy renovating the Swaran Ghar for girls. They also draw a poster for the working women’s hostel. But, when Ginni’s mother tells her about her shift, she is apprehensive. She wants to stay with her family. But, a vegetable vendor refuses to sell to them. He argues that they should buy them from some other place. A reporter asks about this and he is asked to leave.

Nimmo’s defamation

Nimmo is upset and wants to get revenge on Swaran, so she invites her neighbours to her home to perform veneration. However, the local media has a different agenda. They are trying to defame Swaran’s sons by spreading rumours that they have done illegal activities. Nimmo tries to smear Swaran’s sons in order to gain publicity.

Swaran’s letter to Ajit

The first part of Swaran Ghar’s letter to Aaji on 12 April 2022 begins with the man in the village shouting a manoeuver at her. When the man reaches her, she is shocked and says to her sister-in-law, “You should go and tell them that it’s not right.” The man throws a stone at her, but Ajit catches it and saves Swaran.

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