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Swaran Ghar

The eleventh episode of the popular show Swaran Ghar will air on Sunday, 11th April, 2022. In the first episode, we saw the introduction of Pallavi, Ranbir, Ginni and Rhea. Now, we will see the episode’s full cast and the storyline. Read ahead to find out more about your favourite characters and what their roles are on the show.


The latest episode of Rhea Swaran Ghar is all set to premiere on 11th April 2022. The story begins with Rhea thinking that Prachi is pregnant. Ranbir accuses her of being unfaithful, but she insists that she is not. Prachi tells him that if she were to marry Ranbir, she would lose everything. She tells Ranbir that she’ll be with him forever, which upsets Rhea.


The eleventh episode of Swaran Ghar will air on 11th April 2022. Here is the detailed write up of the episode. The episode starts with a “Starts With” and ends with a “Ends With”.


In the eleventh episode of Ranbir’s Swaran Ghar, the story of the previous night is continued with the arrival of the mysterious Ajit. Swaran is worried about the well-being of his friend and asks Sharvari to help him. Meanwhile, Dillu calls the number of Ajit, who is charging his mobile inside Swaran’s house. However, when Dillu hears Swaran’s voice, she is disappointed. Later, she recognizes his voice and asks him to do something about it.


On the eleventh day of the current episode, Ginni is back in her house and ponders whether or not she should lease a room in the Swaran Ghar to her friend Ginni. The repercussions of her actions are many, including a letter to the school principal and a hefty fine. This episode also features a visit from Sharvari, who asks Swaran to forgive her and move with her to another apartment.


The story picks up after the previous episode, when the Inspector and the policemen are in the village, searching for the bodies of the villagers. Inspectors are after Swaran, Ajit, and their son, Vikram. But when the inspectors arrive, they refuse to arrest them, saying they cannot do so until they have proof. But this is not the case, and Swaran is now in trouble.


In this episode of Ajit Swaran Ghar, a reporter asks Swaran about her sons and her relationship with them. She remembers her father’s will and the allegations against Vikram. In addition, she declares her divorce from Vikram, Nakul, and Yug. She is also angry at Nimmo for blocking the road to Swaran Ghar.


The next episode of Swaran Ghar will be aired on 11th April, 2022. A group of angry people will show up at the Swaran Ghar and request to be let go. They will blame the media for their presence there and question Swaran about his condition. In fact, they accuse Swaran of having met Ajit, despite having no knowledge about Ajit’s condition. They will also attack both Swaran and Sharvari and demand their lives.


In this episode of Sai Swaran Ghar, the audience will get to know about the incident that happened between Swaran and Ajit. It will be aired on 11th April 2022. The episode starts with “Starts With” and concludes with “Ends With”.

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