Spy Bahu 13th April 2022 Written Update


Spy Bahu

If you have been waiting for the next episode of Spy Bahu, then here is the right place for you. This story is coming soon on colors television. You can see it on the seventh day of April 2022. The driver of the family automotive, Anandi, is in trouble again due to a kite competition. Meanwhile, the evil motives of Jasmin are also revealed.

Swaran Ghar 13th April 2022 Written Update

The next episode of Swaran Ghar will start on the 13th of April. This update will begin with the word “In Progress”. Instead of providing video links, the episode will be given in written text format. Hopefully, the viewers will find it useful. Let’s take a look at this update and see how it will change the lives of the characters in the show. We’ll start with the main characters and then work our way backwards.

Parineeti 11th April 2022 Full Episode

The eleventh episode of the popular Indian drama serial, Parineeti, is now live on the Colors Tv website. If you’re curious to know what happens next, then you might want to read the Spy Bahu Written Update for this episode. The story of the show revolves around Parineeti’s love life and her relationship with her best friend Jaswant.

Anandi in trouble with kite competition

In the movie “Anandi in Trouble With Kite Competition,” Anandi gets in trouble when she tries to win the kite competition with Jigar. Jigar has a better kite than Anandi, but he cuts it. Jigar tells Anandi that this is the way he always cuts. When Anandi tries to cut Jigar’s kite, he is unsuccessful, but his friend cuts it anyway. In response, Anandi tells Jigar, “Kai Po Che!”

Jasmin’s evil motives

Satti and Rupy are terrified and take her home. She wants them to be shocked. When Fateh and Tejo arrive home, they are surprised to find Jasmin. Fateh hugs Tejo and confesses his feelings. Tejo is surprised to find Jasmin but is unable to resist the temptation. Tejo is astonished to find out about Jasmin’s secret plans.

Rupy suspects Jasmin’s motives

In Spy Bahu 13th April 2082 Written Update, Rupy suspects Jasmin’d motives, he plans to kill her, and Fateh also fears her. However, Tejo and Satti take Jasmin home to avoid any shock, but Fateh is not ready for the sudden change of heart.

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