Spy Bahu 12th April 2022 Written Update


Spy Bahu

Watch the latest episodes of Spy Bahu on Zee TV to stay updated about the latest happenings in the show. Here, you’ll learn about the relationships between Spy Bahu and Yohaan, the release of Sejal from police custody, and more. Also, find out about the interesting character developments. The Spy Bahu 12th April 2022 Written Update is now available!

Spy Bahu’s relationship with Yohaan

The upcoming drama serial Spy Bahu will revolve around a spy girl, Sejal, and her love interest, young boy Yohan, who are suspected of being terrorists. Sejal, who is a spy, is keeping something from Yohan, but it’s not quite clear what. With the help of a senior intelligence officer, Sejal is recruited to do a secret mission. Sejal infiltrates the Nanda family and begins observing them.

Yohaan’s relationship with Anupamaa

In the ongoing serial “Bhagwan”, Yohaan is seen pursuing a painting course while Anupamaa begins to hate Arpit, the son of her father’s friend. While doing her painting course, she meets a stranger named Aman, who claims to be part of a daredevil organization. She is immediately intrigued by the mission of the group and his daredevil lifestyle. As the two continue to meet, they interact on a number of things.

Sejal’s release from police custody

Since the tragedy, rumors and theories about her suicide have surfaced. She was famous for her role in Star Plus show Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji as Simmy Khosla. While the suicide was widely speculated, her co-star Aru K Verma confirmed the news and said he met her 10 days ago. Her friend, Nirbhay Shukla, said she took the extreme step because of the health condition of her father.

Anupamaa’s monologue

Anupamaa’s latest episode begins with the duo spending time with Anupamaa’s mother. Meanwhile, Kavya begins to think of staying with Vanraj. She remembers how Samar gifted her with the ring, but she’s worried about losing the job and getting in trouble with the law. Nandini, too, is thinking of helping Vanraj, but she’s worried about her own situation.

SK’s announcement about terrorist connections

The COVID-19 pandemic has been almost two years in the making, and the worldwide terrorist threat is now much more complex. The spread of terrorist ideology and propaganda has increased, while radicalisation is on the rise. The threat of terrorism is more diverse than ever, ranging from violent anarchists to far-right extremists. The threat is also increasingly polarised, encompassing ‘Incel’ ideology and violent anarchists.

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