Skeletons in South St. Louis County get community attention

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — Take a drive by South County across the holidays and also you would possibly simply encounter a home with some good bones. We’re not speaking about its construction, however moderately the residents on the entrance garden.

Hannah and her husband Tim began the skeleton show simply earlier than October of 2020. Hannah mentioned she noticed one thing comparable on Facebook or Pinterest.

“I’ve always loved Halloween,” Hannah mentioned. “And where we live, like the location, we’re right by a stop sign. I mean, it’s it’s a busier street. So I just thought, you know, it’s covid we’re working from home, more people are out, you know, walking around and it would just be something fun to do.”

The Pauks moved the skeletons every day through the month of October final yr, and put them into completely different positions doing various things. Then they arrive again out for different holidays, and this time round, to rejoice the Olympics. Sometimes pondering up a brand new thought might be tough, and so they are inclined to go together with what they’ve laying round at residence.

“For the pole vault we literally go, ‘Gosh, we’ve got to get something out there,’” Tim mentioned. “And so I took a tree trimmer tool … shoved it in the ground, zip tied that little guy eight feet up in the air then there you go that’s today’s.”

Their neighborhood took discover of their skeleton shenanigans. The Pauks mentioned folks decelerate to take a look at the skeletons and take footage. It occurs even in the morning whereas they arrange.

“While we’re putting everything out and it could be like seven o’clock in the morning or eight o’clock or whatever,” Hannah mentioned. “And people are driving either their kids to school or they are driving to work and they will stop their car, roll down the window and thank us for what we’re doing. They say they drive out of their way to drive by and see what the skeletons are doing. It makes people happy. It makes them smile.”

“Most of the individuals who follow, you know, and live in the little area behind us, they’re all retired and they send mail more often,” Hannah mentioned. “So we would get a lot of just real mail, which was actually really exciting. You never actually get anything besides bills.”

The household did an impromptu submit after this story was printed, displaying the skeletons reacting to their newest web fame.

So when is the following time you’ll be able to see the skeletons again out in motion? The Pauks say you will see them for Labor Day and so they’re already engaged on October, once they’ll be transferring once more every day of the month.

The show is situated at 5024 Kerth Road in South County. Here’s a {link} to the Facebook web page if you wish to maintain following alongside.

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