Shefali Shah Talks About Working With Vidya Balan

Shefali Shah has been around in the industry for years now, however, she has seen a stark upward curve in her career graph in the past five years or so. She has been grabbing some great projects to showcase her stellar performance and the audience is in awe of her talent. Shefali will next be seen alongside Vidya Balan in Suresh Triveni’s Jalsa.

Talking about the same, Shefali Shah recently said in an interview, “I really want to know what it will be like to share the screen with Vidya Balan, who I admire tremendously,”she says, adding, “I adore her, totally. I have met her a few times in the past socially, but we have never collaborated on something. Jalsa is the perfect story for that.”

Shefali Shah

The actress is in the best phase of her career, talking about picking out a project, she said, “I don’t know the boxes, but it has to turn me inside out; it has to hit me in the gut. My decisions are impulsive and instinctive, not based on any math of where this film can take me and what it can do for my image. If I find it churning my insides, I do it.”

She added, “Professionally, I have not been in a happier space than this. But I waited really long for it, so be it. Things have changed and I am being offered strong lead and parallel lead roles.”

Shefali Shah

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