Shahid Kapoor and Malavika Mohanan to come together for a project

It’s always nice when we come across some unlikely pairings. While there are the fan favourite jodis like Shah Rukh Khan – Kajol, Akshay Kumar – Katrina Kaif and Alia Bhatt – Varun Dhawan, we do love it when we’re given a new pairing to moon over. According to our sources, Shahid Kapoor is set to come together with Malavika Mohanan for a film. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

Shahid Kapoor Malavika Mohanan

Shahid Kapoor Malavika Mohanan

While we can’t reveal any further details yet, we can say that this project is sure to grab some eyeballs. After all, Shahid Kapoor and Malavika Mohanan are easily among two of the most beautiful people in the Indian cinema pantheon. It’ll also be interesting to see what kind of avatar Malavika plays in the movie. Will she just be arm candy or something more? Watch this space for more updates.

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