Sathya 2: Will Sathya get a permission?


Sathya 2

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Zee Tamil’s popular hit show ‘Sathya’ ended and they launch season2 of it for audience demand. This story now focuses on Sathya to take a smart move!

In the previous episode we saw; Nirmala planning to make Sathya fall down and break her leg to stop her from becoming a police officer. She poured oil on the staircase to make Sathya slip down. Anitha said to her Sathya will notice it so let’s switch off the light and on it after she falls. Nirmala went to the electric board to remove the fuse. Sathya came to the staircase but Prabhu’s conversation with her stopped Sathya. Prabhu fell mistakenly there. Both Sathya and Prabhu shared an eye lock. Anitha and Nirmala got frustrated when their plan didn’t work out. Later hand wrestling happened in the village. Head learned Periamma was coming he wished to take revenge on her for insulting him a few years before. He ordered his, henchman, to place stones on the road to block their way. Periamma decided to go in another way to see the stone but Sathya helped her to remove it.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will see; Prabhu will share with Sathya that it’s an amazing feeling to sleep in the open air. Sathya will ask him tense will Gusthi’s master accept her as his student? He will assure her. Sathya will share her grief with him. Prabhu will console her and assure her that she can able to win him.

What will happen next? Will Sathya impress Gusthi Master? When will Periamma accept Sathya?

The upcoming episode will answer our all questions stay tuned to our space for more updates.


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