Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update: Aarav apologises to Simar.


Sasural Simar Ka 2 Weekly Update

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This week we saw that Aarav is about to see Simar but Chitra distracts him. Chitra says that she saw Simar down. He says why she did not stop Simar. Chitra lies that she saw her from the bus and she even called her but she did not listen to her. Aarav goes downstairs to find Simar. Chitra says that Aarav will never get Simar because now she is about to die.

Here Reema calls Sandy. He tells her not to tell anyone when she comes to meet him. Reema finds this strange but she agrees with him. Reema calls Roma and tells her that if Vivaan asks her about her, then tell him that she is with her. Roma says fine. On the other hand Geetanjali comes to Aditi and says that she should abort this child. Aditi refuses as she does not want to punish this child for her mistake. Here Chitra is planning to kill Simar.

While Aarav is searching for Simar. Amba asks Aarav where is she going. Aarav says that he is searching for someone. Amba says that he should go to Matarani’s temple. Aarav listen to her. Simar says that whatever happens now she will accept it as the blessings of matarani. Saying this she puts her ring in Banganga. Later Aarav gets that ring.

On the other hand Simar and Samar reach Charananpaduka site. They think that they should stay here for a while. Simar agrees to his point. After this Simar starts singing the song. Aarav hears her voice and starts walking towards her. He starts calling Simar. Simar is busy singing bhajans of Matrani. Then the two men reach there whom Chitra has hired.

Later Simar is about to fall from the hill. Chitra thinks that soon her plan will be successful. Then she sees Aarav there and thinks about what Aarav is doing here. She goes to him and takes him from there. While Samar saves Simar from falling. Then Chitra tries to convince Aarav that Simar is down but Aarav does not listen to her. Later Simar notices Aarav. She is about to approach him but a man asks her to stand in line.

Amba comes there and takes Simar to the temple. Aarav is about to see Simar but Chitra distracts him. Here Reema thinks that soon she will become a superstar. She fills an amount on the check signed by Geetanjali. Simar tells Samar that she has seen Aarav here. Samar says that she is not feeling well so she is seeing all this. Simar says it is not her illusion. Samar tells why she has so much faith in Aarav when he has humiliated her and thrown her out of the house. Simar says that she is in love with Aarav and she cannot stay away from him. Samar says that Aarav doesn’t believe her. He adds that Aarav is not here and now Aarav doesn’t even love her. He says that only Simar can give her the love she deserves.

There Vivaan asks Reema what she is doing in the dark. She says that she was dreaming about how she would look when she walked the red carpet. Vivaan says that he will also get the award. On the other hand, Divesh tells Sandy to praise Reema a lot so that her brain stops working. Here Reema thinks whether she should give this check to Sandy.

Meanwhile, Aarav shows Simar’s photo to everyone and asks if they have seen it. He refuses all. Aarav then makes an announcement for Simar. He apologizes to her and tells her that he is very sorry for his mistake. Simar is hearing songs so she can’t hear Aarav’s voice. Samar distracts Simar and takes her away. Later Aarav notices Samar and asks him about Simar. Samar doesn’t give him any answer. Later Aarav notices Simar. He runs towards her. Chitra lays marbles on Simar’s way and Simar slips. Aarav gets shocked seeing this. While Chitra smirks. Simar falls towards the ditch. However, Aarav saves her.

saw that Sandhya and Gajendra are worried about Reema. Sandhya says that Geetanjali will be about to come for worship but Reema has not come yet. Reema is practicing dance. Sandy asks Reema to practice more. Geetanjali asks about Reema. Vivaan calls her. But Reema doesn’t pick up his call. He gets upset. On the other hand, Simar and Aarav take Matarani’s blessing.

In the coming episode, we will see that Aarav and Simar will come to the oswal house. Geetanjali will bring aarti thali for them. She will welcome Simar and Aarav. Simar will be happy seeing this and she will hug her.

Will Geetanjali accept Simar? Will Simar choose her family over her dreams?


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