Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th April 2022 Written Update


Sasural Simar Ka 2

In this episode, Sasural Simar Ka is back on the TV screen, where Gagan is being sought by Simar. In this episode, we’ll see how Simar tries to make amends with Badi Maa for the incident, as well as how she gets back at Aarav. Vivaan tells Reema that she’s fine to pursue her dream.

Sasural Simar Ka’s lawyer asks to apprehension Gagan

After hearing the harrowing case of Simar and Gagan, Giriraj and Chitra ask the Inspector to apprehension Gagan. While in the process, Simar is attacked by Gagan again. The lawyer of Giriraj and Chitra asks the Inspector to apprehension Gagan. Gagan then tries to escape from the police station by attacking Gajendra.

Simar explains to Gajendra that he will handle the situation and tells him what happened. Aarav remembers that Gajendra promised to take care of the situation and that he would do his best to make sure the girl was safe. He frees Badi Maa from her chair and asks her if she is fine. Aarav arrives and asks about the drama. Simar tells him that Papa was shot.

Sasural Simar Ka’s apology to Badi Maa

While the two women are trying to convince the bahu to show her position, Simar apologizes to the Badi Maa. He wonders why the bahu cannot turn into a beti, as he had done with his children. Simar’s apology to Badi Maa evokes tears from Sandhya and Aarav. However, he doesn’t succeed.

Shobha, who is concerned about her daughter’s well-being, asks Chitra about the matter. She tells Shobha that Badi Maa had consented to her marriage, while Avinash placed his turban near his feet. Chitra assures her daughter that no matter what happens, it will not be bearable for the Oswal family. Shobha wonders whether her husband is really in love with her and wants to know what is going on in the marriage.

Sasural Simar Ka’s grah pravesh

The upcoming episode of Sasural Simar Ka is titled ‘Simar’s Griha Pravesh Rasam’. This teaser offers a sneak peak of the episode. Earlier, in the first episode, Simar has hoped to have a baby with Aarav, but he is unable to do so. This time, he asks Simar what she wants. She replies, “Sasural Simar Ka.” Seeing this, Aarav promises to fulfil her wish.

As the two siblings approach the entryway, Vivaan and Aditi welcome them with joy. Then, Simar contacts the entryway and asks them to come in. He then brings hued water and rice kalash to the house. He then goes in with Aarav. ‘Badi Maa’s Grah Pravesh!’

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