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Sanchita truly embodies the spirit of ancient yoga and meditation practices.

Sanchita is a certified yoga teaches and advanced trainer. She is excelling in what she does spreading yogic knowledge to the world is one of her passions.

She also takes corporate sessions with fortune 500 companies. She doesn’t believe in the fad diets or crash diets and loves to eat wholesome diets

She says, ‘I love yoga and the harmony it brings into my life. I have learnt different forms of yoga from ashtanga , ancient yoga , hatha yoga , hot yoga etc yoga is a vast subject you always want to learn more’.

‘I wish to bring awareness about the yogic culture and it’s a complete way of life which focuses on bringing in balance and healing. Yoga has brought a great awareness in me. It’s made me complete. It’s not just physically great but its a combination of mindfulness. It’s healed me in ways I could not fathom and it can do that for anyone. Let’s all take to some form of workout to keep us fit. Our bodies are designed to move and not stay stagnant. Love and light to everyone’.

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