Sanak Review: This Vidyut Jammwal and Neha Dhupia starrer has more focus on action than overall content


Movie: Sanak

Sanak Director: Kanishk Varma

Sanak Cast: Vidyut Jammwal, Rukmini Maitra, Chandan Roy Sanyal, Neha Dhupia

Sanak Movie Stars: 2 / 5

Largely there are two types of films made – one which depends on the content, and the other that relies on elements. Director Kanishk Varma’s Sanak falls in the second bracket. This hospital siege drama majorly revolves around Vivaan (Vidyut Jammwal) – an MMA (Mixed martial arts) trainer and his wife Anshika (Rukmini Maitra). The latter is admitted because of a heart condition, and just when things start looking on the brighter side for the couple, is when her hospital is attacked by a group of terrorists. This leads to Anshika becoming a hostage, and Vivaan with a task to save his lady love. Nothing new right?

As far as the storyline of Sanak is concerned, this one is no different from tons of other films that required the hero to save the love of his life from the bad guys. Yes, the location may be different this time, with the hospital being the centre of all the action. However, ‘action’ is the only thing that this film can boast about. It started on a promising note with the initial few scenes raising the hopes of watching a potentially good story unravel on screen, but with the entry of the bad guy Saju played by Chandan Roy Sanyal, all that was left to see was ‘Dishoom, Dishoom, Dishoom’. This is what I meant by overuse of an element, in this case being Vidyut’s action skills.

Action no doubt is top-notch with Andy Long designing the sequences, and Vidyut executing them. Two scenes particularly stand out, one where Vidyut uses the rim of a tyre for his defence, and the other in the physiotherapy room where several props are smartly used to make the action unique and impactful. Both the scenes are well shot, and Vidyut makes them look believable too. What seems to be lacking is some emotions in between these sequences, which could have made the viewers feel for the characters’ dilemma. That really doesn’t come across.

Moreover, two actors who seem to be totally wasted are Chandan and Neha Dhupia. The actress plays ACP Jayati Bhargav, who as an able cop doesn’t do anything really substantial, besides throwing orders and talking to Vivaan over the phone. The character could have been made more believable, by letting her be more active in the entire rescue operation, rather than just letting Vivaan take up the mantle. This entire equation was far from real.

Chandan’s character on the other hand had truly begun with a bang, however the part loses its charm when it starts throwing random and juvenile orders, and then depending on theatrics to make Saju look dreadful. This character could have indeed been fleshed out a lot more, if the focus from the beginning would have been on the content, than the elements.

The camera team does a great job with some of the shots, while the background music by Saurabh Bhalerao elevates the action sequences, but doesn’t do much for the non-action scenes. The movie also seems a bit stretched, and could have been edited more sharply.

Lastly, if you are a fan of Vidyut Jammwal’s action then Sankak is definitely a film for you, but if you are looking for more than that, then this one might be disappointing.

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